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Where the Piggies Play v2.0

A update of a previously posted map. This update adds a very good rooftop arena. One that is large enough to get some high carnage rates in. There has been a secret added, don't give up it's there and now there is a ending terminal for you that play this map solo. Will support 8 with no problem. KOH, KMWB,EMFH are all supported with this one. Some great ideas but there are some flow interruptions. I personally liked the way the hallways were laid out.

Alien Arena v2.0

A great large net map that reminded me of 5D Space. This is one of the better ones we played tonight. The elevators are ultra fast and there are some great sniping areas. A very tall map with the hill in the middle. Direct sight of the hill is located all around from the sniper posts. Didn't find any secrets...but as you can tell from the film, I would have gotten tozted if I looked. Great map, great lighting effects and very good for large groups.

CrossHair/Death Becomes Him

Two net levels in one package. The first, called Crosshair is a basic king of the hill map with some pretty cool twists. There are switches located around the outside ring that fills the hill area with lava, or elevates and/or lowers the platform around it and just elevates paths to the hill. We found this one fun for tozt'n some of the players in my group but ammo was scarce. It was hard to find a weapon and ammo sometimes..The spnkr is located in the middle but to get to it you will need to jump into pit...some good ideas but a little dark at times.. The second level IMO was much better....

Medrev v4.5

This one didn't come with a readme. A very large type of city, located in the sky, so to speak. A central building with ledges/pathways that wrap around the sides. Inside are many rooms with ammo a plently!! Some texture problems here and there and some very slow moving doors that provide for some flow problems but this map was still fun to play. Only large groups here and co-op and KTHWTB would work great.

Tooler's Haven

Lots of carnage with this one......there was so much ammo that it is obviously intended for large groups!! If you are a mouse player then this map would work to your advantage. For me the flow got claustrophobic at times, but it always seemed like there was a fast and smooth way around each and every sharp corner. Construction ideas are great and if you use external sound with your Mac, turn it way down..the sound of picking up ammo will drive you crazy...Like I said, there is a bunch.

Bodies v1.5

This is a file that allows you to see how to put dead or mutilated bodies into a Marathon level. It comes with a example level that is just a couple of polygons large.. The author states in the readme to e-mail him for more info or questions.

Live and Let Die

A very large single level solo map. Lots and lots of bad guys, most of which trigger at just the right time. This level is very linear-hit every switch, etc...

Defendence v1.0

This one is built with some great construction ideas: From the read me--- The idea is teamwork - two forts, blue and red, either to play team carnage or kill the team with the skull. Enough said!!!!!!!!

Everyone is dead but me v0.9

A very simple net map that is still under development....It is based on "Everyone is Mortal", This one would be good for a couple of players or via NetLink.

Hamburger Hill v1.2

This one will support all types of play and IMO is visually one of the best, construction wise. A large square arena that surrounds a hill, or tower if you will. It is accessible from all sides by elevators. This one will support up to 8 players and the sniper ports, ledges are really constructed with some great taste.. Certainly worth the download...