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Dome Warz v1.2

A very unique large domed type arena. The effects in this one are not a first but, they are extended to a point that it will make you feel like your having a flashback. The embedded physics model gives you a float key in lieu of your run key. Some very nice visual effects with this map and some unique texture choices. Visually, worth the download...

Infinity 1.5 updater 1.5

This is the latest update for the Infinity engine. This update includes the ability to use sprockets for various add-ons.

New World

The path to getting this map was quite different, but well worth it. A 5 level solo map that really is quite nice. Through the use of Anvil, you get the best of all three Marathon's. The buffers, switches, etc...are a combination of Marathon 1 thru Infinity. Almost all of the levels have good flow and there are interesting tricks on each level. Puzzles aren't too hard to figure out, and visually some really nice moments. Physics models help out on some of the levels with some ammo and weapon enhancements and at times you'll have memories of Marathon 2. (which I appreciated) Well worth your...

Alternatives to Submission v4.1

I almost put this one in the small net map group, but it does have 8 starting points. Some very good detail put in to the design of this level. A medium sized net map that is probably best suited for EMFH. A exposed shield recharge, and some great tunnel passageways that reminded me of A Converted Church. Should provide for some fast and great carnage. Sounds were placed sparingly and the light sets were used in some really good places. Once you get the feel of the map the flow was pretty good. Visually a good effort.

Bordello of Blood

A very large net level that has some pretty good construction and design to it. Flow is good except in just a couple of small areas. Designed for EMFH, you will have to have at least 3 to 4 to keep it interesting. Very slow frame rates due to the line of sight, polys and sprites. (if you play it solo). Even on low res and 256 colors it gave low rates. Faster machines will help in this area to a degree. Visual effects are very good in some places, sounds are limited and the light sets were few but well placed. Again, a well constructed, linear, lay out, well worth the look.

It Is A Good Day to Die

A small network map with some interesting designs. Flow is slow to medium due to the dead ends and transporters. (your new location puts you facing a wall) A few texture alignment spots and some weird angles on some of the polys. Speed of this one could be faster with some polys shaved off. General idea is pretty good, check out the stair construction. Designed for EMFH, 4 is the max according to the author. I agree.

Lord of the Hill

Exactly like it sounds, a medium sized net map with a exposed hill that has access by one side to a half enclosed ring and accessed by the other side by some fast elevators. Fast map KoTH supported the best. Will support a few other net modes.

Marathon: Evil v1

This is one of the most worldly loved scenarios for Marathon Infinity. Created by some of the most talented creators for Marathon in the world, this project has been an incredible hit.

Some Dummies Die v1.1

A mixture of different sized rooms connected with some very fast elevators, transporters and/or stairs. The main room has some cool look-outs/sniper pill boxes that run around the top edge. To what is becoming commonplace with this author, some great hiding places and I believe some of the best stair design I have seen. The time that it must take to make these stairs. Again, a few texture misalignments, few sounds and few light sets. But, some very fast carnage in spite of it's size. You need a large group for this one.

Evil: Cursed-Data v1.0

This is the Data file for use with EVIL. This should go into the base folder where the EVIL Application resides. Otherwise EVIL will not recognize or use this. Also do not rename it.