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"Amaze Me, Live!"

A single level solo adventure that ranks up there with some of the best maps made since the editors were released. This map, the authors first, contains just about a little bit of everything. When I first saw the Pfhor texture set, I thought "here's another one". But, to begin with, the story line is great, the design is great and the lighting was really well done. If you are familiar with PID's "Evil Undead Phantasams Must Die" then you will see some familiarity with the pillar room in this level. Like we all learned in playing PID, the best thing to do is to conserve, converse and conser...

Let's Have Some Fun!!

This is a patch that turns your bobs into Net Marines totin' some mighty strong firepower. If you have never been able to play in a net game with other players, then, try this out.

Texture Patches

These are brick, grass and some other slate type textures that have been made for the authors maps.

Big Friends

A large net level that has the illusion that you are on a open air station. Bob Hell is what the author calls it and he, if anything, is understating it! The bobs are all nuts in this one and they shoot and explode and etc, etc........Designed best for KOTH. The illusion of open areas to the landscape texture almost worked here. Will support a few net modes and big enough to give you places to hide and at the same time room to maneuver...You can also play this one solo but it's pretty bizarre. Some great tricks with this one.


You are on a exposed station in space. Your goal is to avoid the missiles that are shot at you in slow motion. (And some strange missiles they are!) Some of the baddies are invisible and if you add that in to all of the mines flying through the air you get a whole new way of playing Marathon. The free floating mines, so to speak, will take some rather nifty manuvering or you will find yourself blown up in the air....This is if you choose to play it solo. A letter X design for a net game and could probably be pretty fast...there is a built in physics model and you could use the X for KOTH. ...

Hammer of the Gods/The Chai'etra Saga 2.0

A five level solo adventure that to date is the authors best yet!! A follow up to the Chai'etra Saga Part 1, you are asked to perform many deeds with this one and the tricks with this saga will take you some time. Great story, great ideas and some very good details. I have played through all levels of this one many times and when I received the entire package, I found myself "ammo-less" many times. Be conservative and always go back to check where you have been. The construction and design ideas here are light years a...

The Ka'Fein Clash

A single level solo map that is once again from the same author that designed Amaze Me. This level is a basic retrieve and repair level, BUT, it will actually require you to backtrack your steps many times. Don't always expect the expected with this one. Although the story line instructs you to retrieve some chips, the process that you go through has a couple of twists. Excellent design, great lighting and some fantastic object placement. Sounds could be a bit stronger but to be honest, I am really being picky here. Get this one, all kinds of great design ideas.


The screen shot doesn't do it justice.....The author has now broken the boundaries of what is possible with Anvil. When looked at from a view of original ideas, Chris, in the last 2 days, has come up with some great ones. In the map you are fighting against "ghosts" that are of course the Pfhor, etc.... It is a large net map with tons of ammo and some incredible ideas. (Have I mentioned the great ideas this author has come up with) Download this map to see what the next generation of Marathon engine possibilites are going to be.

Warrior's Way

From the author of Rebel Base, this is a continuing three level adventure of The Last Interceptor. At first I was too crowded with this thing, but a second time through, I found it a little bit more open and after slowing down a bit, you begin to appreciate the work that went into this. On the second level there is a incredible light hallway that was really designed well. I tried hard to get a shot of it, but I kept getting fried every time I slowed down at that point. If there was one thing I can say about these maps it is that no space goes undone. The author uses every available wall, p...

Aft Shuttle Bay-Net Level

The third level from The Attack. This has been reworked for a net level and a large one I might add....Don't attempt this unless your group is 4 or 5 at a minimum. It has been reworked to help with flow but, it is large and it would be slow with just a couple. Same great parameters as the solo adventure.