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Beautiful Chickens

A large net level that has just about some of the best design and light sets I have seen yet. This one is based on shotguns and it is best played with KOTH net mode. You will need at least 3 or 4 at the minimum for this one, but I promise you won't be disappointed. Enough ammo for eight

Carnage all the Way

A single level net map with some Bob who get serious with you. The author want's you to kill 100 bobs before the terminal will allow you to have success, but trust me, unless you are a vidmaster you won't live that long anyway. Great design with some neat design tricks, lights and textures are well chosen and the flow is fast, except for the bobs that are just about everywhere!

Dusk 'till Dawn

Great flow, great lights, very good construction and some very good object placement. To be honest when I first opened it, I said well ok, another media level. (and I really don't care for media levels) ...BUT, don't be so fast to judge......This one has some great design to it and for the size of it, it is quite fast........ Get It!!!!!! Enough said........(as you can tell I thought this one was pretty good!!!!) (Another one for a HOF, if I had it) BTW-once you start to play it you will understand why it is called Dusk till Dawn...

Focal Point

A small arena type map with steps that go down to the hill. A high carnage type map that would be absolutely great for KOTH. Textures are well selected, lights are placed well and the flow is very fast due to the size of the arena. In low res, this one still looked great and in high res, the colors with the choice of textures was absolutely great. Author says the map will support eight...It really doesn't matter how many though, this one will be fast and if you choose the cyborgs, well, give it a try and find out...

The Attack

ou know it is really a shame when you have a very good solo map that has designs so innovative, and the guy running the HyperArchive takes a screen shot of a dumb alien. My apologies to the author. Here is a three level solo adventure that will take you through some of the most imaginative tricks available with the Marathon engine. I was able to beta test this thing about a month ago and tried to get the author to submit it then. He was diligent to keep working and you will see why....Honestly some of the coolest tricks I've seen yet.....Flow is superb, lights and design are great.

The Chai'etra Saga

A four level scenario that has some great construction ideas. The ammo placement is great, but beware!! Like all of Bungie games, conserve, conserve and conserve. The first two levels were better IMO that the last. I played this one all day and was stuck on the second level forever!! I finally came off of TC (which I forgot I was set on) and made it through. Great monster placement, some dead ends and some crafty puzzles that you will have to figure out to get through this set. A couple of the levels were giant and at times seemed to just ramble, but every time I felt this way, here came t...

The Revenge/Let's Have Some Fun 2.0

A rework of Bungies Reverof Nohtaram BUT, with some pretty incredible twists. If you have ever wanted to play a net game but have been unable to, get this.

Pie In The Sky

Pie In The Sky is not a new map, but it's a very good map. KOTH is where's it's at here. Ammo is placed around the outer edges of the map while the hill is located in the middle. It's not a safe hill-sniper perches leave you a very vulnerable target. Some nice lighting allows you to hide in the shadows to elude enemy fire, but the low ceiling can cause cuncussions that will make your ears ring. How long can you stay on the hill before restocking your ammo? Teleporters are uniquely placed, as is the flame thrower. A extrememly balanced map that should provide hours of fun.


A large net level that has a "warehouse" type feel to it. Very tall ceilings lend themselves to what I thought would be some slow arena play, but the basic design is what keeps it fast. The illusion that this is bigger than it is, is quite good. This map, again, from the author that brought us Mirage, has some pretty cool novelty tricks built in. If you like spankrs' than this one is for you.

M.A.D.D. Patch v1.6

Remember the defense drones that flew around in Marathon 1? The ones that were on your side? Well here they are and ready for Infinity..slightly modified but a great job to say the least.