Created by Quartz

Hoth Preview

A preview of the upcoming scenario, Hoth. This contains a single solo level and two net levels... definitely gives you a flavor of gameplay.

Marathon M.A.D.D.S

Check this out, a really good madds patch....if you don't know the history behind these, either email the author or check out the infinity patch for madds

M.A.D.D. Patch v1.6

Remember the defense drones that flew around in Marathon 1? The ones that were on your side? Well here they are and ready for Infinity..slightly modified but a great job to say the least.

Quartz Net Maps v3.0

A very unique collection of Marathon Infinity Net maps. These maps are more than just net levels, they are experiments with the different physics available now with the availability of Forge and Anvil. There are levels that will require some patience and skill to use. The readme explains every level very well so take some time to read it. My favorite was the "whirlpool" type level. Download these, should provide some great ideas for all of you beginning mapmakers. This collection now holds 4 new maps. The only thing this lacks is the net hop terminals that are now becoming popular.