January 16, 1997

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All Roads Lead to Hell

A large net level that had a few texture problems. Alot of passageways that reminded me of the tunnels in M-2 Arrival. Again the maze is confusing but some good ideas here...

Confounded Bridge

Exactly like it says, a map in the design of a bridge of a space ship. Too small areas off to the sides of a middle large rectangular arena. Lots of carnage with this one and ammo is supplied well.

Eight Daze A Week

A square, rectangular type of map with some very large passageways that hook into it.

FM Infinity Net Hop Map Pak

Three net levels and for the most part constructed very well. The first one, Snapple: Made from Bob Guts, (lots of names today-huh!) Is a very big and tall square arena. A couple of secrets and a cool sewage chute that can aide to some height tricks. The readme says that the name is "12 Days of Beavis"?? The second one Lithium Mill, is lava based with a hill in the middle. There is a enclosed ring that wraps around the arena?, in the middle. Good for KOH. The last, Lets Take a Bath in Sewage, has some cool physics with it or I had one loaded w/out my knowledge. When I first try to fired un...

Illegitimi Non Carborundum (MI)

I first saw this map at Northwest a few months back...I do think it was for M-2 then. A very well designed arena style net level. A hill in the middle that is accessible from the above sniper ledges. Some cool tricks inside the hill and this one should give you a very fast paced net game. Only for groups of 3 or would get slow with any less. Great lighting, very good design and some great construction ideas.

Infinity Triangle

Well, exactly like it sounds. A tiny triangle with about 8 starting positions. One that would provide some practice in dodging, sidestepping and dying.


Two levels, both of them are water/media filled. The first one shows some good construction ideas and choice of textures. I really don't care for media in net levels, but if you do this one would help you with some strategy type ideas. The water height can really be a pain if your not careful. The second one was smaller. Again a square arena with a couple of sniper ports in the walls.....but on this one you control the height of the water by switches.

More Testicles Means More Iron

Gotta love some of these map names that have come in lately!!! A square/rectangle type arena room with some corridors that wrap around it. A very, very fast net map. This one would be good for most types of net play...

Sex and Violence

6 net levels: Courtyards, Decaffeinated, I'm Not Afraid of the Spotlight, King of the Damn Hill, Pfharade and Subterranean Heaven. The first one crashed my machine at least 3 times. The incredible amount of objects and sprites on this level was almost ridiculous. If you download this to test it---turn the aliens off, by all means!!!!!! Aliens were in the air, water, walls, rechargers just about everywhere. Two courtyards here that are linked by some passages.....some good construction ideas. Decaffeinated is a Pfhor type texture level. Again some pretty cool ideas. Spotlight was better IMO...

Sins of the Flechette

A very tall large square arena that is set in a outdoor enviornment. Texture choices are at a minimum and it really gets hard to maneuver at times. A lava pit in the middle of the map has a neat trick to it that I haven't seen before, maybe some have... Worth the download here just to figure the trick out.