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Pantload of Trouble

A very good map for KTMWTB. I found this one confusing at first, but then after some play time, this thing was great. There are so many places to sit and hide for other marines, that I finally fiqured out how ingenious this one was constructed. (I know I'm slow). Some elevated areas that believe it or not has fast flow to get up there. Some transporters that will aide in your play and a trick with some lava that I am still trying to figure out. To be honest, I first thought this level was too tight, but was I ever this one to see and have some good ideas for elevated net pl...

Plenty O' Room

Plenty is saying it mildly. This is a large net map with enough places to go that it would be slow and probably boring with 2 or 3. A square arena with elevated platforms, a lot of multiple levels and enough transporters to make you dizzy. Embedded physics again, low gravity and I must say that it was pretty good on this one...

Ring Around The King

Well, once you play through it a bit, it will make a little more sense. Flow is o.k., but at first I really had some trouble with this one. Found a couple of weird things, in fact I have never seen them before. One, a yellow cannister floats inside a textured wall, depending on which angle you look at, and second, the pillars in one of the 4 rooms bounces you around quite a bit. A very small hill, in the middle of media, surrounded by a ring with some rooms at the points. Lots of rechargers here so it should provide for some extended carnage.

Sludge Match

A large octagional arena map built with the Jjaro textures. Really quite fast even when you need to get out of the sewage. Two rings that surround it one exposed to the middle media area and one that is covered. Pillars stand in the media, but all have transporters built into the their bases. Enough rechargers to keep the carnage moving along fairly fast and weapons/ammo seems to be placed very well. Flow is great, no sounds to speak of and lighting is done pretty well, even on low res. This one should provide for some fast carnage and some extended play, just keep alive for a good stockpi...

Sparkling Insides

From the same author again, a small net level with a small partially covered arena. One ring that runs around the arena in a elevated mode that is accesible by platforms and teleporters. Each player starts in a ordinance room that opens into the the main arena. Their is only one spankr', and be patient when you acquire it. Flow is great on this one..I couldn't find a deadend at all. Sounds are few but some light sets and some fast carnage.

Testosterone Monkey

The read me says, Arena Map for 2-8 that has been updated from it's M-1 version. I don't see how 8 would fit, but I will give it a try with six. A small lava based level with ledges, dark tunnels a couple of transporters and some secrets. Watch the lava pits, a couple of them will take a gernade hop to get out off. Really a overkill on detail, there is so much that this author did that it is "claustrophobic" at times....This one would be best with KTMWTB.

Battle of Que'Fargo

Well, for the authors first map, not to bad. If you download this map PLEASE take a moment to email the author. This is his first map and some of his construction ideas are pretty good. There are misaligned textures, lights suspended from the floor, enough sprites that the engine can barely load the game, and I mean with all memory allocated to the game. So, some typical first time mistakes just like we have all had. (well at least with Pfhorte in the old days) A basic lock and load and blast away level...

4 Steps to Death

A small arena map with 4 starting rooms. The hill in the center of the arena is gradually raised to the top. As the author states this provides some very interesting lift effects while running across. Very simple design that should provide you with some wide open carnage... Great for KOTH and a few other net modes.

Magotopia v1.1

An update of a previously released level...this update adds the texture patterns for the shapes patch. New textures adds grass, bricks and some slate textures....You will need the "All in one" shapes patch to work with the map, Anvil 1.02 is also required and there are three different shape patches. One for Hi-Res, Low-Res or a Alt-Res, which will work for both settings-but not as good.

The Window of Light

A medium sized arena map that has some very impressive lighting details. The center of the arena is similar to Route 66, but the ring that wraps around the arena is quite different. You will need to be fairly fast if you are a keyboard player or, this map will certainly improve your mouse skills. (OR make you become a mouse player) I first tried to fire from the outer hallway and wiped myself out due to the tightness of the hallway. Be careful and remember when firing a spankr where your aim point is!! A good fast map that should provide for some great carnage.