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Hide and Seek v1.0

This map is designed for KTMWTB (skull) or KOH. It is large with a lot of secrets. Some of the secrets leads to ammo stashes and/or some really great sniper posts. There are death type hallways that can make you real easy pick off objects if anyone is on one of these sniper posts. The map is merged with a built in physics model that is pretty cool. Should keep you busy but would be only good with large numbers or with teams..Some different construction tricks on this one, water chutes (towers) that will aide you with elevation tricks..

Midnight Blue

Probably the best map posted tonight. Another great map from Stephen Ritchie. Two main arenas that have great construction techniques written all over them. Large enough that 2 to 3 marines it would be slow. Ammo seems well plentiful at the beginning...but if you don't play with "dead players drop ammo" it might get a little thin. Download this one to see some great construction ideas...

Oval Elevations v1.1

Lots of media with this large net map: From the readme A carnage level only. One secret passage, in the water that leads to stairs going up to a platform overlooking the central area. The first step after the turn to the left is a teleporter to a ledge with some goodies on it. Should hold 8 OK.

Particle Man

Great construction ideas...Flow is fairly good. A small net map that centers around a central area with adjoining hallways. 3 to 4 players would fit fairly well into this one and it will support a majority of game options. Due to it's seems that it has very good flow..(will find out this weekend) There are a few doors that will slow you down. Lighting was pretty thought out with this map...not too much media, but enough to keep it interesting.

Quartz Net Maps v3.0

A very unique collection of Marathon Infinity Net maps. These maps are more than just net levels, they are experiments with the different physics available now with the availability of Forge and Anvil. There are levels that will require some patience and skill to use. The readme explains every level very well so take some time to read it. My favorite was the "whirlpool" type level. Download these, should provide some great ideas for all of you beginning mapmakers. This collection now holds 4 new maps. The only thing this lacks is the net hop terminals that are now becoming popular.

All Roads Lead to Hell

A large net level that had a few texture problems. Alot of passageways that reminded me of the tunnels in M-2 Arrival. Again the maze is confusing but some good ideas here...

Confounded Bridge

Exactly like it says, a map in the design of a bridge of a space ship. Too small areas off to the sides of a middle large rectangular arena. Lots of carnage with this one and ammo is supplied well.

Eight Daze A Week

A square, rectangular type of map with some very large passageways that hook into it.

FM Infinity Net Hop Map Pak

Three net levels and for the most part constructed very well. The first one, Snapple: Made from Bob Guts, (lots of names today-huh!) Is a very big and tall square arena. A couple of secrets and a cool sewage chute that can aide to some height tricks. The readme says that the name is "12 Days of Beavis"?? The second one Lithium Mill, is lava based with a hill in the middle. There is a enclosed ring that wraps around the arena?, in the middle. Good for KOH. The last, Lets Take a Bath in Sewage, has some cool physics with it or I had one loaded w/out my knowledge. When I first try to fired un...

Illegitimi Non Carborundum (MI)

I first saw this map at Northwest a few months back...I do think it was for M-2 then. A very well designed arena style net level. A hill in the middle that is accessible from the above sniper ledges. Some cool tricks inside the hill and this one should give you a very fast paced net game. Only for groups of 3 or would get slow with any less. Great lighting, very good design and some great construction ideas.