Hammer of the Gods/The Chai'etra Saga 2.0

A five level solo adventure that to date is the authors best yet!! A follow up to the Chai'etra Saga Part 1, you are asked to perform many deeds with this one and the tricks with this saga will take you some time. Great story, great ideas and some very good details. I have played through all levels of this one many times and when I received the entire package, I found myself "ammo-less" many times. Be conservative and always go back to check where you have been. The construction and design ideas here are light years ahead of part 1... Yes, the level designs are huge again, at times, but this time, you have to become a strategy type of marine. Good luck and let the author know what you think.

Levels in map "Hammer of the Gods":
Follow the Blind
Discipline of Anarchy II
Gravity Falling
Hammer of the Gods