Created by Carnage Inc

Alien Arena v2.0

A great large net map that reminded me of 5D Space. This is one of the better ones we played tonight. The elevators are ultra fast and there are some great sniping areas. A very tall map with the hill in the middle. Direct sight of the hill is located all around from the sniper posts. Didn't find any secrets...but as you can tell from the film, I would have gotten tozted if I looked. Great map, great lighting effects and very good for large groups.

Tooler's Haven

Lots of carnage with this one......there was so much ammo that it is obviously intended for large groups!! If you are a mouse player then this map would work to your advantage. For me the flow got claustrophobic at times, but it always seemed like there was a fast and smooth way around each and every sharp corner. Construction ideas are great and if you use external sound with your Mac, turn it way down..the sound of picking up ammo will drive you crazy...Like I said, there is a bunch.