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Justifiable Hypocrisy

Another large net map from the mapmaker that puts these things out faster than I can get them up. A center hill area, (sort of), where the hill is the second floor. The third floor allows access to the ring, that kind of goes around the hill. This, IMO, is the fastest net map the author has make yet. Some pretty cool light sets and his construction design is NEVER along the normal arena, wrap around ring concept. Some lower hallways that are perfect for those that like to hang out and wait for other Marines to blow away. All types of net modes supported and will hold up to 8.

Operation Boombastic

A single level solo map. This map, in a different sort of way, could be played and reviewed as a mapmakers beginner type of map. Grant it, some of the texture choices aren't the best in the world, but, the construction of the water area and the stairs was very good. Sounds were at a minimum, not a whole lot of different light sets, but still a playable map. It is hard to get through due to object placement, but you get just enough ammo and just the right amount of space to maneuver in. This one took some time just on normal, although it is a short episode. Not a bad first map...

Anybody's Son Will Do

A three level solo adventrure, well, really just one. The first one is a introdutory level and the third one is a bonus net level. This map is hard just because of the regeneration rates. Don't try to kill everything, they will just keep coming back. Texture alignment problems along with flow being obsturcted but some ideas I haven't seen before. I ran by one door to a upper level at least 8 times before I saw it. (map mode, duh!)

Camelot v1.1

A large net level that is the best castle w/moat that I have seen yet. The texture patch that comes with this map fits the concept very well. Some really good architectural design here. Flow isn't too good in some spots and I got stuck inside a un-textured elevator, ( I have enclosed a film) but to be honest I was overtaken so much by the design that I overlooked it. Download this one just to see the castle with these textures. I am not raving over the texture patch as much as the design. Check out the catacombs (screen shot) while your at it.

Die Hard 1.2

A single level solo map with a built in physics model. The bobs are changed and you better make sure that you stock up before you do battle with them. The story line is pretty good and it makes sense with the bobs being so radical. Construction is good but the homogeneous texture choices really gets to be a little too much. Flow is ok, but you will need to find the chip insertion places. I found it no problem to find where the chips where, it was just where to place them. Worth you download for sure, take your time and watch out!!

Hammys Demise

A very large net level that is quite fast in spite of the sight of line areas. Some very tall and large arenas with maze like hallways that connect them. Some water pools and transporters come with this one. EMFH would be best, but this level is flat and very huge, so make sure you have 5 or more.

Hand Grenades

A pretty good shapes patch for weapons. This patch will give both of your fists a grenade in each hand. The only sequences that looked a little strange was the grenades in the hands sequence. These grenades bounce just like the cyborg mines and if you are too close, watch out.

Harmonio v1.0

Another large net map from the maker of Llamas. Again, a very fast net map with some open area's that can serve as arena's. Some "back doors" that lead to some great places to sneak up on your net friends. This map is detailed but at the same time is very fast. Just a couple of items disrupt flow. And these items where either on purpose or for the sake of the geometry of the map. Will support 4 net modes, a very good download.

Hyperhill v2.1

A update of a previously posted map. A small square net level that supports KOTH very well. Four enclosed small rooms are hooked together by a exposed ring that runs around the arena. The rooms provide access to the hyperspace area, ammo and transporters can be found there but you will also encounter the Guardian. So make sure to be careful. This update makes access to hyperspace easier, a 5D effect.

Up Periscope 1.9

A good solo map that has some really good light sets and some innovative use of pattern buffers. Some of this map was very good and some of it needed some more tweaks here and there. The common "sand" texture is a little overdone but the authors light sets really helps with the textures. Some more could be put into the story line-where to put chips and why you are doing it. Transporters are essential, but they will take you a bit to find, they are not the usual textures. Be fast with the terminals, aliens regenerate pretty fast.