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Phatal Phred & Deadly MorPH

A remake of a bungie classic with some added tricks. The PM will give you all kinds of weapon delights, but, the aliens have been reworked as well!! So, beware.

Civil War

Another great map made by Michael Coyle. This one is pretty large but built on a big round oval style. (I think, I was so busy dodging the bobs that I rarely got a chance to check the map mode) Whatever you do, don't leave the aliens on. I was trying to do a walkthru and was nailed in the back by the bobs. The title should give you a can witness the event the map is based on if you leave aliens on. A good download and some really nice landscape visuals.

Cluck Fest '96 v1.1

A small net map with only magnums and fusion pistols. The name is the basic description of the map. One secret....pack 'em in and you should have lots of carnage.

Creeping Death Maps v1.0

10 net levels that range from medium to large. Some very good design ideas along with some tricks. Fill 'ER UP was on of the best IMO. KOTH, EMFH work best with most of these maps.

Roy Batty

From the same author of "Well of Souls". This net level is a large square arena with a elevated exposed ring that runs around the edge. Another outer ring surrounds the whole map with some small notches and rooms along the way. Best suited for EMFH, KOTH and also get a real good physics model..."Watch Out Phatboy"..Design is basically good with some neat details along the way, flow is much better on this one...

The Ups and Downs of Elevator Repair 1.0.4

A solo map with a brand new idea along with some intriguing puzzles. Some very good construction on some of the levels. Basically you enter on a central area core shaft that will take you to the various levels (floors) on this map. (that you must repair) You must reach the goal of each floor and then access to the next floor will open. Some of the levels have long and sprawling hallways, but, they are done with some real taste at times. The level with the transport puzzle is the only one I didn't care for. (personal taste here) This map should challenge you.

The Well of Souls

A large to giant net map that has some very good details and design techniques. The overall flow is slow at times due to the dead ends that are at the different areas of the map. But, these notches in the wall, etc, are great hiding spots to pick off other marines as they come by. A isolated ammo room, has everything you need in the way of shield recharge and ammo, that is only accessed by teleport; along with some water pools, that have some pretty good rewards at the bottom, provide enough ammo for a large group. You will need 5-8 for this one.

Dome of Death

Very small arena type map, with some pretty cool light sets. This level has plenty of ammo for 2 to 3 players but it also has a embedded physics model, null g, that kind of made me swimmy headed. Construction is good, the idea of a open arena with a dome ceiling and lighted walls is not bad.

Road Warrior v1.666

A two room map that is based on a previously posted map (Little Room). This version has a new texture set, new light sets and now has NO hiding places...

Bob Tiles

It's hard to tell from my screenshot, but this texture patch gives you textures that are psuedo 1960's. At least that is how they looked to me. The best set of textures in the bunch seemed to be the pfhor group. Alot of Peter Max looking swirls and neons combine to give you a completely different world of Marathon. Worth the download if for no other reason than to just check out another authors perspective.