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This is a runner up qualifier in the Marathon Map Making Competition for the Best Single Player category. The story line pick's up from the Robert Blake time line from M-2. You are on a trek to retrieve a chip and repair.

Quigleys Olympics v2.0

This author is continuing to make large net maps that are designed well, good construction and very good attention to detail. At first I really had a hard time describing this one. A castle like hill in the so-called middle of the map, with some outer areas that contain ammo/weapons. KOTH, EMFH and KTMWTB works best, and you can find the ball on top of the castle. You better have 5 or this one is going to be slow...........Good design again. Pump this author some email, I believe he might start making solo levels. He definitely has some great ideas for maps.

Slice Me Nice

A very large solo map that has some pretty cool tricks in it. Your job is to release the BoB's that are being held captive. Great detail with light sets, construction and with flow. The way the BoB's finally get released is cool.

The Devil's Workshop

A single level solo map that will make a grenade hopper out of you if your not already. I had to go through this one many times before I finally found the end. Search every corner on this map, the author has put in some rewards if you search hard enough. A interesting story line where you are a general that has been sent to a planet to investigate why a scientist has disappeared. Flow is interrupted with transporters and terminal transporting. This was the biggest obstacle I found with this map. It really takes you through some great ideas and then you flip a switch and transport.

Octavius v1.0

A very good practice map that is used by the author to test all the physic models he receives for the physics model archive. This thing is not very big but you will have to keep moving and firing to stay alive. You could play it with aliens off for small net.....EMFH would probably be the best call with this one.

Speed Bump v1.9

A large net map designed for speed. When you first enter this map you can tell right off that it is not made to win accolades for texture choices or detail. Very large square arena with a hill , with some very large halls that are at different elevations that connect via the arena. A small wrapping, enclosed hallway wraps around the whole map. Speed was the issue here, email the author info so he can expand on his concept. You also get a screen saver level, pretty cool idea..where expload-da-bobs do a never ending suicide trick.


A well designed net level. Four outer pools surround this semi-oval map. Except for the media and some outer slow elevators to the outer ring, a fairly fast map with good flow. The hill is centered with a 4 sided pillar that acts as transporters. A very small ring wraps around that exposes itself at the corners. Then wrapping around that are the pools and landings in between. Geometry at times is very good and the long stairways from opposite ends of the map are well thought out for speed and fast access to the hill. Enough ammo and weapons for large groups, KOTH, EMFH and KTMWTB fit this.

The River Bed

A large one level net map that shows some very good attention to detail. Light sets, speed of the elevators and heights are all thought out in this map. EMFH seems to work best with this one. Definitely learn the map beforehand, lots of hiding places and corners, etc... Very good in construction and design.

Coop Coliseum

3-level solo scenario, designed to be played cooperatively. The level design could be a little more interesting, but it'll keep you busy.

Hell Hole v1.4

Be advised that this version sucks. You have sticky polys, bouncy polys and so many sprites the monsters you are fighting just disappear while still raining death down upon you. Download V1.4 to see what NOT to do as a mapmaker, download V1.5 if you want to acutally play it.