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War and Pieces 1.21

A single level solo map that has many dead ends in it. Construction and design is really quite good, but the flow keeps getting interrupted by transporters or dead ends. Design is definitely not the problem with this map, just flow. Terminals didn't work so don't think it's you. Maybe a update will fix them.

Marathon Roswell

A very unique solo map. This level tries to be similiar to the New Mexico desert near Roswell. The author gets pretty close, taking in the limitations of the engine. Two large main areas, the first being the desert area, the second a water area. Construction is impressive, especially on the water ride, (water area), but I lost fps in the water area due to the platforms and line of sight. The map is a repair level with terminals that aren't finished yet. A new idea with terminals that wrap around, worth the download...

Seven Infinity Net Levels

Seven very good net levels that range from small to huge. These are set up for basic KOTH or EMFH. All of these are very fast and very good. All platforms and elevators move very fast and secret areas reward you with ammo and shields. Construction on most of these are of high quality. If there are any drawbacks, it would be in ammo placement and amount of weapons/ammo. Good basic net maps that should provide for some great carnage.

Two Net Maps

Two net levels. Island of YoYo, a small arena that has a elevated hill in the middle. Exposed elevators gives you access to the hill and two outside rooms. All the platforms move at the same time and are too slow. So, you will be prime carnage practice if you're not careful. No Time for Loosers-one that has some good areas but like the first one, transporters really disrupts the flow. Flow is interrupted on both levels with transports to areas outside the main maps. All in all a good effort with some good ideas.

Chisel 2.0.3

A great utility that allows you to draw circles and ovals easily on your map, it removes any unused lights, media and sound and, it now allows third party effects with the permission from the author. It still is able to move the entire level along the x, y and z axis. Update adds the effects folders.More info is available from his web page.

Mr.Twisty v1.1

A very large net level, that is brilliantly built. Some very good light sets, construction ideas and flow. But, it is just too much of a good thing. This map is so large that unless you have 8, it will be slow. I found one water pool that had no exit, other than that, a pretty solid map. Many secret passageways that lead you to small arenas. Will work with both M2 and Infinity, it also includes a physics model. Now updated-fixes the pool and tweaks a few other items.

Parts is Parts

A unique level with a unique name. Two authors collaborated on this level and if you are used to playing any of Rich's levels, you will be able to tell. Some texture choices were quite different, but overall a fast map. The usual good detail with this one, plus a couple of surprises. Two arenas that aren't very large, connected by twisting stairways and/or hallways. LOTS of ammo to be had and will support up to 8.

Phreak and Phind v1.1

A medium size net level with some good detail. Two rings wrap around this small arena, one that is on the outside of the map and the other that is elevated. The hill is elevated and is not completely open to the lower small arena or upper ring. Access to the upper ring is via stairs from the arena or some fast, small stairs for the outside ring. A great KOtH map, but will also play very good EMFH. You will have to have some good aiming skills, this is not a wide open map. This level was very fast and should be fun with 3 or 6.

Slaughter Net Four

Four small to medium net maps. Very fast, very plain, high carnage rates. Some very good 5D ideas on these, along with some other cool tricks. Besos Revueltos-missiles and 5D. Betadine Barbie-missiles again. B Pump Barbie-some really neat physics built in, especially the sounds. Chicken Pops & Expresso-physics again along with a two level arena carnage fest. Some real good ideas here, visually great in some areas.