Seven Infinity Net Levels

Seven very good net levels that range from small to huge. These are set up for basic KOTH or EMFH. All of these are very fast and very good. All platforms and elevators move very fast and secret areas reward you with ammo and shields. Construction on most of these are of high quality. If there are any drawbacks, it would be in ammo placement and amount of weapons/ammo. Good basic net maps that should provide for some great carnage.

Levels in map "A Perfekt Snipe":
A Perfekt Snipe

Levels in map "From Dusk To Dawn":
From Dusk to Dawn

Levels in map "Have the party begin?":
Have the party begin?

Levels in map "If i Rule The hill":
Kill the Man with the Missile Launcher!

Levels in map "The future is here":
The future is here!

Levels in map "What are you asking me?":
What are you asking me?

Levels in map "What is love got to do with it?":
What is love got to do with it?