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Outpost Isni v1.b

A very good solo evil map. This thing is the definition of "non-linear". I really enjoyed some of the level design. I have had this file for some time but have not posted due to a bug that is now fixed.

Temple of Zeus

A kill everything/practice level for the author of Amazoms and Robertas. This map works great with Amazons Deluxe or with the Bungie shapes. Some very tall, elevated platofrms inside of buildings. The buildings make up the different areas of the map and exploration is well worth your time..Not bad for a first endeavor...

Paradise Theater 1.1

This is a one level solo map that is "not" you usual solo level. The author first sent this in around the first of July. At that time it was a large, very large net level. We went through the map and suggested that he convert it to a solo level. To sum up, it is now a solo map. It came in the second version with a shapes patch. But, after trying many times, I could never get the patch to work. Now in this version, it is just basically the level. This thing is so big, that it will take you some time to get through it. Some nice lighting effets, some good use of texture choices

Rockets of Fury v3

•This patcher will turn your Bob's in to Rocket toting marines, with deadly accuracy.

•Perfect for training (especially after Keyboard -> Mouse conversion!)

Moonbase 11c

A new update of a previously posted map at the HA. This solo map now consists of 4 levels. Make sure that your explore all areas of the thrid level, you will be able to teleport out before examing all the rooms. The fourth level was hard to understand, but, I would presume that the author speaks of it in the terminals. The story line is good along with the some good art, watch out for the troopers.

Basic Missions

Basically what you have here are 7 levels that describe, "visually" , what the different types of levels are in Forge. Everything from Extermination to Repair, Rescue, etc.. A couple of unsed modes are discussed and addressed in these levels. A great visual tool for those wanting to learn mapmaking. Thanks to this author for taking the time to help others.

The Rock 1.1

A two-level solo map that is a great adventure. The first level is informational only, with a pretty good design idea. The second level is the main battleground for the story. You end up on a listening post and you have to activate.....well, I won't spoil it for you. The last terminal had a few problems for me, but other than that, this is a good map! Very well designed and I was impressed with the stair construction. Flow is good and lights are done well. For the authors first attempt not bad at all.

Kessen Chu

A large 5 level solo map, that has so many sprites that I really didn't think the engine would handle it. The story line is that you are a security officer.....The story is pretty cool. Three large solo levels in this map and 2 net levels. This is a different map, one of the likes that I haven't seen before. You give it your opinion and make sure to email the author. Construction was pretty clean but some of the levels are very linear. Worth the download.

Malancanth 1.5

A good two level solo map. The first level is for ammo/weapons and information, but get all that you can. You will need it on the second level. Comes with a built in physics model that gives you two pistols? You will be able to yield superior fire power, but be forwarned, the kick from these new weapons will push you completely across the room. Good flow, pretty well laid out, story line is good and some of the baddies now die but, they will take you with them if your to close.

Audio Levels 2.0

A update of a great mapmaking assistant. These levels give you the sounds that go along with the pull downs in Pfhorte and Forge. This update now adds platforms and ambient and random sounds.

Grenade It

A single level solo map with some interesting tricks. You might end up calling this, "Hit The Switches", but it's a pretty good adventure. This is the authors second map and he is steadily getting better. Your email helped him when I posted his first map in May, make sure you take the time again. Your aim needs to be good, just as the title suggests!

Objects of the Game

A level that in turn allows you to view the different objects that correspond with the pull downs in Forge. But, in turn it turned into a 3 level map that really is pretty good. Check this out and make sure to email the author to let him know that his efforts DO help. Especially if you are a beginning mapmaker.

Higher 4

It's hard to address this level. A very large map that can be played solo or co-op. The very best thing I can say about this submission is the light sets are very well done. In the large rooms that surround the inner "quasi" arena, are some of the best realistic light sets that I have seen yet. It actually looks like light that gradually goes from bright to dark all in one viewing distance. A very good job!


A map that shows possibly the funniest bug ever found in Marathon. I found this map at Bo Lindbergs site and asked permission to post it. This map is nothing more that a visual display of what the bug is in Marathon. I personally have never seen it before. Pretty interesting and very observant to even find it!

"FALLEN ANGEL: The Chai'etra Saga, Pt 3 3

We had part one, then part two and now part three. The time that this author puts in on a map, well, it should give you some insight on just how dedicated he is to his work. AND It has paid off!! With this installment you get 8 levels. Typical of this author is that you rarely see a standard door or corner or even a wall! Detail is everywhere and you get a appreciation for it after just the first level. Puzzles are good and bugs, well, I couldn't find any. There are secrets and secret terminals. So, make sure to take your time. Great artwork and some that was very familiar to Roger Dean an...

Marathon 1984

The whole game!! With this download you get three levels of some of the best puzzles since Infinity, Megiddo and Evil. This author is not all that new of a mapmaker, but, in a very short time he has established what is now possible. I won't elaborate too much, but with the map you get a shapes patch, (rescompare). You'll enjoy the new textures, and the new scenary. I only found a couple of bugs and have notified the author. Check out the first elevator ride, the message is a new trick that I think now, will be a new marathon standard!..Get this one!!

Just Do It

A very well constructed two level solo map that will have you retracing your steps many times. No terminals, not a whole lot of detail but some great ideas along with some very good construction. This author has come a long way since his first map and make sure you take the time to send him some email. I was stuck forever on this thing before I finally found my way. It is possible to finish so keep trying and make sure that you explore EVERYWHERE. The second level is really just the end so once you get through the first, you are practically done.

Be Happy or Not 1.7

Download this map!! Four levels make up this adventure and probably the best part about it, it is designed for co-op play. You can also play it solo. I can't say enough good things about this map. I first played this when it was only for Marathon 2 back last November. The third level really intrigued me, at least to the point of going into Forge to figure out how he did the tricks. There are multiple paths to the end, some easier than others. Save terminals for the solo players. No Dead Ends! and with this Infinity update it basically improves overall game play.

Marathon Earth

The style of this author is unmatched by any map that I have seen since December of 95! This author can take basic polygonal shapes and expand on them to the point that you loose track of the fact that you are in the same geometry most of the time. A three level solo map that is designed to remind you of some earth type adventures. Level 1-Roswell-posted earlier on the hyperarchive, Level 2-Redwood Forest-some cool textures here. Level 3-Hometown USA-(dreamscape)-a complete revamp of Infinity texture sets. Some of these textures are really great!!

First Mission

A small two level solo map, well, the first level is informational only, but the second level is medium sized. The authors first map, and for a first timer not bad at all. Some common textures throughout, but some very good work with platforms and elevators. Flow isn't really great, but it is good enough to keep you playing. Just the right amount of baddies in comparison to ammo/weapons. So, for the most part this guy is on the right track. He is requesting email so please take the time to let him know. New mapmakers are always encouraged and it...