Marathon Earth

The style of this author is unmatched by any map that I have seen since December of 95! This author can take basic polygonal shapes and expand on them to the point that you loose track of the fact that you are in the same geometry most of the time. A three level solo map that is designed to remind you of some earth type adventures. Level 1-Roswell-posted earlier on the hyperarchive, Level 2-Redwood Forest-some cool textures here. Level 3-Hometown USA-(dreamscape)-a complete revamp of Infinity texture sets. Some of these textures are really great!! The third level completely gets away from the poly shapes of the first two-maybe a branching out by the author? A great download and make sure you take the time to email the author with your comments. I still like his quasi-wrap around terminal idea!! A first.

Levels in map "EarthMap":