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Gatling Gun

Modifies your assault rifle to look, act, and sound like a Gatling Gun. Very,very slick. Check it out!


Turns fighters into nasties from the movie Aliens. Pretty high quality, but something about the arms bothers me...

Fortress of Solitude v1.1

An open arena with a tower in the center, and a spiral path around the outside to reach it. This version fixes the zero length line bug the original had.

Pfhinale v1.0

This is another rf reddig map, released many months ago in an almost finished state. I finished it. Enjoy. This is what a small arena should be.

Sniping on Snipers

When I first tried this, I hated it. After about 3 minutes, though... this is a pretty decent map. Well laid out in terms of ammo/weapons vs. open space... there's no free lunch here. You want stuff, you got to take chances.

Devil in a Blue Dress 1.5

The first release of the Marathon Mapmakers Guild, Devil contains 20 levels, along with cool original art, an entirely new storyline, and some nice twists.

Barrel of Monkeys

A multi-level arena. Light plays a pretty key role here... and there are secrets to be found, if your playmates don't kill you first... It's on the small maps page because it's all pretty much in one room, but it can easily support more than four players.

Devil's Slide V1.0

A nice canyon map, where you and some marines need to wipe out the alien intruders. No terms, just carnage... This map requires both the Canyonlands and Dogs of Pfhor patches to work.

Splattering Fun V1.5

5 levels. No plot whatsoever-just kill everything you see. (You don't need to-the level teleporters work whether everything's dead or not.) Lots of crushers, lots of exploding bobs... took about 7 minutes on Normal to finish. (And that's because I was hunting for secrets.) Good for clearing the mind...

Sky's The Limit v2.5

A nice, small, symmetrical arena. Flow is great, and the powerful stuff is a little off the beaten path.

Suicide v22

3 levels. These didn't thrill me as some have... and Circle Jerk has a bit of smearing if you're looking at the platform next to you as it moves (somewhat unavoidable, given the Marathon engine). Still fun, though...

Akira Complex

5 levels. Mostly simple, with no place to hide-geometrical. Good for carnage... The title map is somewhat more complicated.

Carnage Galore

Lots of very long, very narrow passageways, and no real ammo. Comes with a physics model. Impossible without it (the hunters will take you down very quickly), but way too easy with it...

Marathon Xmas

A very nicely done novelty map. C'mon, download it, it's tiny! (It was out on Christmas eve, sorry I didn't get it up quickly...)


A really simple 5D map. So simple, in fact, you may have trouble finding the 5D space... until your fodder is in it.

Object Placement Editor 1.4

OPE is a quick way to add/remove different aliens on the net levels. Easier than doing the same thing with Mia or MME. This version fixes a few bugs.

Disco Inferno v1.0.1

Aaron Sommer's take on the original Disco Inferno. Since it's not an upgrade by the original author, I'm leaving both versions up... This one's worth a look, though. The teleporter hall made me sick. Not a new map, just new to this page.


A nice 5-D take on Bungie's pillar net level. Much, much bigger than the original (or at least it seems that way, with the added dimension...).

Happy Happy Carnage Carnage

A simple arena for up to four players. Each player gets his own weapon, and ammo is down in the pit... The only way to change weapons is to die. (If this one gets converted to M2, it should have a totally different feel to it...) Not a new map, just new to this page.