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Quantum Reality

A huge, sprawling 5-D space level. Very easy to get lost, lots of narrow passageways. (You can use wall textures to help you navigate, until you run into that infrared powerup...)


Looks like it was designed as a solo level, but it's so small, it would make a better net level. Really sharp edges, and one bad (but non-fatal) texture. Ammo placement leads me to believe it was designed to be played on Kindegarten.

Suicide v23

3 Maps. These work better (imo) as M2 maps, although they play faster, for some reason, as M1... The M2 version is called M2 Suicide 13.

Suicide v24

4 maps, M1 versions of the maps in M2 Suicide 14. These are just as fun as their M2 counterparts...

Umbrellas Recommended...

A convoluted map, with teleporters everywhere, lots o' baddies (or just some, depending on which version of the map you play), and the Gallerie de Despayre, where nasties fall on you unremittingly from out of the sky. Rain of Pfhorror, with the excess baddies, is great for solo practice, and Drizzle of Pfhorror holds an acceptable number for net play. Been sitting in my inbox for way too long now...

The Labyrinth

6 levels (5 plus a network level). Insane numbers of baddies, but generally a pretty nice layout. lots of ammo... and you can start on most levels, because the creator was nice enough to add extra weapons as you go along. If you're playing on a 68K machine, be careful in the big outdoor area in the vacuum level... you might want to use Ignore Zero Divides to avoid a crash from certain views

Noah's Ark

A complete overhaul of the Alien Shapes 3.0 package. The artwork is very, very impressive... It's now packaged as a full scenario. 7 level solo map (a little buggy, but nothing critical anymore), new sounds, a physics model, and 4.5 megs of new shapes... the ambience of these levels is incredible. The new textures add tremendously to the feeling of claustrophobia... play this with headphones cranked, or plug your mac into your stereo system and turn it up! Don't get lulled by the cakewalk-like feeling of the first level.

Pfhorte 1.0d26 FAT

The last version of the M1 version of Pfhorte. This one allows up to 36 textures per set... Thanks a million, Steve!

Sight Patch v1.1.1

Adds sights for all weapons (nice ones, too), and now works in full-screen mode. This version adds support for PCI macs.

Alien V1.1

Designed with the now-defunct Aliens Marathon project in mind, this map works quite nicely with the recently uploaded Aliens Shapes 3.0 package from the combo page. Dark, and well planned... This update has 3 complete levels, and the beginnings of the last.

Demolition v1.0

If these maps remind you of the Suicide series, it's because the creator of that series got the three Demolition collections started. All three of these collections have 10 maps in them. Most in this set are modified M1 Bungie maps (very much in the spirit of the first few Suicide maps, only with better texture alignment. Great flow, more weapons and ammo than you can ever use, no aliens. Very nice.

Demolition v2.0

10 more levels, in the same vein as Demolition 1... Get these and maximize your carnage!

Demolition v3.0

The third of 3 nepacks (10 levels each). This one's mostly original. Inspired by the Suicide series, these maps have the same play feeling, but more attention has been paid to details. Very nice maps.

Holzp's Trimaps

3 large, geometric maps. (The third one uses a Marathon texture.) Lots and lots and lots of baddies...

Logan's Maps

2 Levels. Pretty well-done maps... One is a very nice rendition of Mike Neylon's "The Pit". (Doesn't look anything like the original, but that's what the readme says...) The other map is a model of the creator's house.

McSlink's Net Maps

9 levels (in 6 maps). Generally very good flow, good object placement, lousy texture alignment. Two (heavily) modified Bungie levels.

Water World

Very large, very open, very blue. Readme says almost all weapons are available, but frequencies mus be set very low-I never saw any.

Warlord v1.2

A very nice 4-level scenario. Emphasis is on puzzle-solving, although there should be plenty of carnage... Some very cool new ideas here. Update fixes a few minor bugs, and majorly changes one level.

Term Installer 2.1

This is of use only to scenario makers. You can use it to make an installer that will install shapes, sounds, terms, STR# resources, splash screens, chapter picts, film resources, and custom icons, all in one swell foop. Horrendously useful... If you're making a big scenario, this will save you (and your users) more time than you want to calculate.

CA Maps

3 maps. Nice concepts. Two require teams to be much fun... but the teams can be as small as one person each. These are well-designed, and worth the download.