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U.S.S. Triesty

A 17-level scenario (or a little more, if you count repeated levels), with modified shapes and art. (The shape mods are mostly a new weapon, but there are a bunch of small things that add up to a more complete experience... check out the doors, for instance.) It could use a little texture alignment, but overall quality is quite good. (The first level is very slow-don't judge the entire scenario by it.) Nice AI evolution.

Beware the Jabberwocky

A very nice M1 net map... felt a lot like a combination of a bunch of Bungie's net maps. Twisty passageways, a large two-tier arena, teleporters to take you from here to there with no waiting, and a few little secrets... worth playing.

The Ramus Adventure

A six level solo scenario. Generally high quality construction, and entertaining flow. This one'll keep you busy for a while... really has the feel of a tight-quartered ship, in places.

All MIDI 1.1.2

A small app for converting MIDI files into QuickTime movies.

Extra Celestial

A nicely constructed solo level, looking like a well-lit space station. As far as I can tell, there's only one suicide pit (and there's a save term just before it)... otherwise, this is a phenomenally well-designed map. Even though there's no plot (besides kill everything), and getting to the end only teleports you back to the beginning, this one is really satisfying.


The bottom level of Never Burn Money, with a few minor changes, mostly to increase flow.

Suicide v27

Three levels, all originals (they match M2-Suicide 17). Pepper Popper is pretty cool... watch the damn bobs! Fans of Sky Diving will love Sky Diving 2.

Suicide v28

Three levels, all originals (the counterparts of M2-Suicide 18). The first one is just as aptly named as its M2 counterpart, but the other two provide some serious carnage opportunities. Learning the teleporter positions on Walking Charlie is a huge advantage...

Xzu's Levels

3 levels. Very large, very heavy on the baddies, pretty light on the ammo and weapons. Nice construction, though... There's a section of the first map that's right out of Bob-B-Q.


Four maps, none of them really playable. They're mostly idea maps... sort of trying out new architectures. A couple would make nice additions to existing maps...

Bob World Headquarters

A bunch of bobs, and a bunch of aliens... the only weapon is a single spanker. The readme says wait until you have it to start killing bobs... but when I did that, there weren't any bobs left.


A huge pit, with a ring around the outside. Bobs galore, mostly just for killing...

Life Experience

A spaceship level, with small rooms and lots of corridors. Some texture alignment needed...

NetHell 2000

A large arena, with lots of running room. There are also several narrow passageways around the outside, which provide access to sniper positions... The jug and the MADD keep things interesting for solo play. Size comes from an included sound clip.

Nothing Special

A big, rambling level that works better as a solo "kill everything" level than a net level. Lots of narrow passageways, and a bit light on the ammo...

Party/Live at London

Two maps. Party is 4 big rooms, LIve at London is a ring with sniper ledges and a central recharge area. Weird smearing because of a no-thickness wall...

Trek Walls 2

A full set of textures (and scenery, and the Borg Cube) from Star Trek. You can see a good representation by patching your Shapes file, and playing Arrival (the first Bungie level) with these shapes...

Where'd That Come From?

A pretty nice-looking net level-quite bright, good flow-but no weapons. (Well, there's one spanker, and ammo for it, but...)

Virtual Spaces

A collection of maps of buildings, and new textures to make them look right. No weapons, and no aliens (well, there are bobs in one...). It's more of an architecture display than anything else... A couple are spectacular, but many textures are badly pixillated.

Marathon Revisited

A pretty incredible 26-level scenario from a Danish mapmaker. Quite a bit of new art, as well as art "borrowed" (with credit) from other work... The storyline is conveyed in chapter screens-the terms you find simply contain the secret terms from the original Marathon, in case you missed them the first time around. Some unpleasant tricks are here (save whenever you get the chance, since there are more than a few dead ends), and some silly stuff (pictures of naked women in the marine jail cells, the bobs are now boobs (and pretty well done, too), that sort of thing)