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The Lost Hero Preview

The first 5 levels of a purported 30 level scenario. Hard to say, since if you want the other 25 levels, you need to send money to the author... and these 5 just aren't good enough for that. Whatever... they'll give you a few minutes of blasting fun. (He really should learn about how to make doors look good in rooms taller than 1 wu...)

Flight Of The Bumblebee

A spaceship. Extremely linear. Oh, yeah, and for the first half of the map, you'll be fighting hunters with your pistol...

The Ramus Adventure

A six level solo scenario. Generally high quality construction, and entertaining flow. This one'll keep you busy for a while... really has the feel of a tight-quartered ship, in places.

Extra Celestial

A nicely constructed solo level, looking like a well-lit space station. As far as I can tell, there's only one suicide pit (and there's a save term just before it)... otherwise, this is a phenomenally well-designed map. Even though there's no plot (besides kill everything), and getting to the end only teleports you back to the beginning, this one is really satisfying.


Four maps, none of them really playable. They're mostly idea maps... sort of trying out new architectures. A couple would make nice additions to existing maps...

Nothing Special

A big, rambling level that works better as a solo "kill everything" level than a net level. Lots of narrow passageways, and a bit light on the ammo...

Three Chips

A single-level solo map. Your goal is to collect three repair chips... two are pretty easy, one's a bit tricky. A nice little 5-D area in the middle...

Bob Karnage V1.1

Basically, a bunch of rooms set up to waste bobs in various ways. Whatever.

The Labyrinth

6 levels (5 plus a network level). Insane numbers of baddies, but generally a pretty nice layout. lots of ammo... and you can start on most levels, because the creator was nice enough to add extra weapons as you go along. If you're playing on a 68K machine, be careful in the big outdoor area in the vacuum level... you might want to use Ignore Zero Divides to avoid a crash from certain views

Alien V1.1

Designed with the now-defunct Aliens Marathon project in mind, this map works quite nicely with the recently uploaded Aliens Shapes 3.0 package from the combo page. Dark, and well planned... This update has 3 complete levels, and the beginnings of the last.

Devil's Slide V1.0

A nice canyon map, where you and some marines need to wipe out the alien intruders. No terms, just carnage... This map requires both the Canyonlands and Dogs of Pfhor patches to work.

Splattering Fun V1.5

5 levels. No plot whatsoever-just kill everything you see. (You don't need to-the level teleporters work whether everything's dead or not.) Lots of crushers, lots of exploding bobs... took about 7 minutes on Normal to finish. (And that's because I was hunting for secrets.) Good for clearing the mind...

Marathon Xmas

A very nicely done novelty map. C'mon, download it, it's tiny! (It was out on Christmas eve, sorry I didn't get it up quickly...)

Deliverance V1.2

The first three of several levels. Quite hard, but playable. Level three is based in the Deliverance penitentiary. Pretty nice layout... this scenario is really coming along.

Roger's Map

Two levels (one finished, one mostly finished). Author worries they're too easy... he needn't have. A real strategy level. If you can't dodge, or you don't feel like you can leave a level until everything is dead, don't bother trying this... The end of the first level has a pretty creative use of hulks. (Who needs ammo, anyway?)

Stratum Interlude

Set between Arrival and Bigger Guns Nearby, this level expands on the Bungie storyline. Another strategy level-your only weapons are your pistol and your fist. Nice.

Training Maps

Four levels. Exactly what they sound like. Each level consists of a room with one or two specific types of aliens in it. The included physics model simulates a hydrogen-filled atmosphere-use your gun and die. The idea here is to get good at killing with just your fist, and to stay alive as long as possible. Just 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week, and you'll have a flatter tummy in no time.

Deja Vu

A pretty well laid out level. You'll be far too busy trying to stay alive the first time through to really take stock of your surroundings, but don't worry, there are ways around that... For your own enjoyment, don't read the terms before playing.

Director's Cut V2.0

Three (well, really two) levels. Visually pretty appealing. Playable as net levels, as well. Some pretty cool tricks (check out the reactor on the second level carefully).