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Hard Boiled

For such a small map, it sure is easy to get lost... Contains Harry Hahn's impeccable attention to detail (check out the Marathon logo in the big room near the top of the map, done in lights...) Not a new map, just new to this page.


A baseball diamond. Check the locker room for the really big guns. Not a new map, just new to this page.

Starbase IX

Big, and dark. Pretty spooky, though... if you're playing this as a net level, be sure to have a big group. The readme says any similarities to existing work is coincidental or subconscious. He's got a pretty active subconscious...

Suicide V21

5 levels. A couple of them are great (Mount Pfhorabachi, Out of the Closet) and all are very playable. Up on a Pedestal is a little rough if you miss a weapon at the start, but I guess if you do, you won't live long, so it's not really a problem...


A concept map. A totally white world... great for the holidays. REQUIRES the Maddox/Hijacker textures (357K) for the two textures it uses... If you play this solo, be prepared to get your butt kicked by those regenerating troopers. Never fear, there's a recharger here somewhere... if only I could find my way through the snow...


Pretty cool multilevel arena. Bottom floor teleports you up to sniper positions, outside ring allows access to a drop zone in the center...

Gimme Shelter

Big, rambling arena. Snagged some nice features off of other maps.

Marathon: the Gathering

A 20 level net pack. Most of these play with some neat trick. Some are great, some are downright stupid. On the whole, though, you can't go wrong downloading it... at the very worst, you'll learn something new about the Marathon engine.

Odes Netmaps

Created as odes to Carnage Palace Dee-luxe, these try to evoke the same feeling that map did. They succeed, mostly (although the third one reminded me more of Mars Needs Women than Carnage Palace...).

Scorn Net Maps

4 maps. Generally nice, but all four had bugs, and one (Deltitnu) I was never able to get functioning on an 040-based machine. Also, if you decide to play these, be sure to open them in a map editor, and delete the author's "signature"-all the polys used to make these are bad. (Again, causing crashes on non-powermacs.)

The Green Room

Arena with some nice sniper positions. A lot of good stuff can be found in the Green room, but watch yourself there...

The Grinder v2.0

A very interesting concept map. Two player only (you can't play it solo-you need someone to let you out-and more than two doesn't work, either). One player has a SPNKR but is trapped, the other can move but has only a pistol (and access to a crushing elevator for the trapped one). Makes for some fun strategic games! Update contains a 1-player tryout (so you can see what's going on), and a second level... also pretty interesting.

Underpass v2.2

Nice use of elevators. The underpass is a bit too massive to give the sense that you're really passing under someone. Latest update contains another bug fix.

World Wide Web v3

Yet another twist on the WWW theme. This one isn't done by Mike Neylon, though... This one's identical to WWW 2 (above), except the center nodes have been pulled for an arena. Nice touch, actually...

Mia 1.0b19

The last version for Marathon 1. Changes aren't documented, but seems to be mostly pallette changes (there's now a Texture popup!). If you've got the space, definitely worth having around.

Operation Tantalus v1.0

A 19-level solo masterpiece, with new sounds, shapes, terms, physics, bobs... and it's totally non-linear (you decide what order to do the levels in). Brought to you by the folks who did U.S.S. Raider, Athens Outpost, and the Marathon's Story page.

Multi Music Movie Maker v0.5

A very simple little drag-n-drop app that will concatenate a bunch of quicktime movie MIDI files into a Marathon Music file.

Aliens Shapes v3.0

A very well done package, containing new sprites for Fighters, Troopers, and Lookers, as well as overhauls of several weapons and the motion detector. Comes with a physics model to make it all work, and a map (recommended by the author, but not necessary). (Check out Noah's Ark, which is the v4.0 release of these shapes.)

Black Hole Arena

Pretty fun with a few people. The arena is all space texture, landscape mode, so you've got no idea where anything is. A bunch of teleporters will take you to small waldo-world-like rooms for ammo and weapons, and one will take you to an invisibility powerup (which makes you pretty unbeatable, in the arena part). No spankers or tozters make for a fun shoot-em-up.