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11 Netmaps

11 pretty big maps. Generally very well-constructed, but using a huge variety of textures per map (adds to eye fatigue after a while). Flow is usually pretty good, and textures are nicely aligned. Worth a look if you have a group of 4 or more.

Jeff's M1 Maps

13 maps. Eight are already here, as Vertigo Maps. The other 5 are worth the download... generally, interesting-looking maps. (Some look better than they play.) One of these will make you go blind if you play it too long...

Spaceship Station

A very nice multilevel map. Teleporters are color-coded, to help you figure out where you're going, and lights can make hallways safe or dangerous, depending on which side of the switch you're on...

Stairway to Heaven

Very simple, but it plays well. High carnage with anything more than 2...

Three Chips

A single-level solo map. Your goal is to collect three repair chips... two are pretty easy, one's a bit tricky. A nice little 5-D area in the middle...

Arena Gold Collection

4 levels. (Only 3 of them use the Pfhor texture set.) Need work... misaligned textures, missing textures (the center of the last level, for example), not enough ammo or too many powerups...

Llamas are Larger than Frogs v1.2

A nice little arena with a few teleporters, some sniper ledges, and lots of flow paths. Good carnage for small groups. (Not enough weapons for larger ones.) Update adds new weapons, aligns some textures. This should be a final version.

Look at the Loser in the Middle

A nice simple arena-like space... a central cage, and a light-and-shadow area around it. The central person gets a spanker, and invincibility, but can't move. The outside folks get fusion pistols and assault rifles... and shadows. This isn't new, but it's been lost in the depths of my hard drive for months.


Modeled after a formal dining location. Readme gives credit to the creator of Villa Banzai, which is good, since it looks like that was the jumping-off point for this level. With 2 players, it was a bit slow, but more makes a very nice net level. Update fixes a few bugs.

Suicide 26

4 maps, all original. A couple are really slow on 040 machines. These are not quite in the same style as most suicide maps. (Well, two are, but the other two are very big, with much lower carnage rates.)


You're a navigator on a mining ship where things have gone horribly wrong. You're the only member of the crew to escape capture... and it's up to you to set things straight. New shapes, sounds, physics, art, and a 9-level solo scenario make this a package worth checking out!

Pfhred 1.3.1

A shape editor that lets you scale and rotate character shapes. Lots of fixed bugs-this is a great choice to use with the Marathon 2 Wall Extractor... Here's the readme.

100% UESC Choice Carnage

Very dark arena, with a sniper ledge running around the top edge. Very nice flow-there are multiple ways to get to most spots.


Huge, and rambling. Random teleporters in hallways (check your map). Says it's a net map, but you'd need about 15 just to find each other...

Bik's Net Maps

Well, they're nothing much to look at, but they play quite well. Heavy reliance on elevators. Some nice concept maps (Evilution contains randomly appearing walls, which can act as aid or hindrance, depending on how well you judged their reappearance frequency...).

Bob Karnage V1.1

Basically, a bunch of rooms set up to waste bobs in various ways. Whatever.

NY Subway

Modeled after the Union Square IRT station in New York City, this is one of the better renditions of a real subway... requires Ignore Zero Divides on 68K macs. Not really new, just new to this site.

Vertigo Maps

9 maps. The two that were in the last iteration, and 6 more, plus a version of one of the originals with textures redone to be more lo-res compatible. Generally open, with lots of aliens.

Demolition v4.0

9 maps. There are some really, really good ones here... the last three are a lot of fun. Emphasis is on vertical movement via silent, fast elevators. Lots of sniping positions-you'll need to experiment with teleporters to figure out what goes where. You're rarely safe, even on the larger levels...

Suicide v25

3 maps, all original. Spanish Magic Castle is a lot of fun, but watch folks who guard rechargers...