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1,000 Ways to Die v1.1

This map's a blast (literally). The only weapons (besides the pistol you carry) are the shotgun and the SPNKR. There are enough corners and ledges that you should be able to avoid getting blasted every ten seconds, but grabbing that SPNKR is a bit difficult, if someone's watching... Update fixes a freezing bug.

House of Pain v2.0

2 maps. Modifications to House of Pain. One water map, one lava map.

M2 Pfhorno Lives!

A port of a small M1 map. Tries to give a little of everything to the player-open areas, sniper ledges, narrow passageways... generally good flow.

Net Jumping!

A very cool concept. 6 existing net maps (7, if you count the one that's duplicated) are strung together with terminals. They're all small arenas (Pfhorever, Citadel of Antiquity, others of that type), and when one player accesses the terminal, all players jump to the next level, with all their weapons. This should keep you from getting bored with the scenery.

Pink & Blue Arena

An interesting take on the Everyone's Mortal-type arena. Way too many bobs-this is only useful if you want to use this level as a practice gallery. Weapons are segregated (SPNKR on the hill, shotgun ammo in the back rooms, etc...).

Ready Pfhor Action V1.1

An interesting looking level... lots of elevations. Watch the landscape areas... they'll kill you in more than one way. (It's kind of satisfying to take out a Juggernaut that can't hurt you, though...) Update fixes a crashing bug.


2 maps. Ports of Mike Neylon M1 maps-Subway Station and Absolut Marathon Revisited. Emphasis is on carnage.

Tanz Mizery V1.0

Huge open spaces, surrounded by smaller rooms and even smaller passageways.


A small but flexible map. Most places have more than one entrance or exit, or are defendable. Your first order of business is to clear out the explodabobs, and then you can concentrate on wasting your buddies...

Umbrellas Recommended...

A convoluted map, with teleporters everywhere, lots o' baddies (or just some, depending on which version of the map you play), and the Gallerie de Despayre, where nasties fall on you unremittingly from out of the sky. Rain of Pfhorror, with the excess baddies, is great for solo practice, and Drizzle of Pfhorror holds an acceptable number for net play. Been sitting in my inbox for way too long now...