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36th Chamber

Larger than 7th Chamber, with lava that seems to be just for show... but it looks nice. Update tweaks lighting, and adds a couple of nice features.

5D Arena

A very subtle use of 5D (it's pretty easy to miss that you're actually in it). A small central pit with tiered hallways around it... the good stuff's pretty exposed, so be careful.

Mara Carte v1.0

Kinda reminds me of Carnage Palace Deeluxe, only with more to do. A bit dark, but a pretty fun little level.

Noah's Ark

A complete overhaul of the Alien Shapes 3.0 package. The artwork is very, very impressive... It's now packaged as a full scenario. 7 level solo map (a little buggy, but nothing critical anymore), new sounds, a physics model, and 4.5 megs of new shapes... the ambience of these levels is incredible. The new textures add tremendously to the feeling of claustrophobia... play this with headphones cranked, or plug your mac into your stereo system and turn it up! Don't get lulled by the cakewalk-like feeling of the first level.