Created by Aaron Sommer

Klaatu Verati Nictu!

A simple arena, in principle... but play it for a little while, and you might change your mind. The hill is accessible via 5D passageways from the outer ring... and you come out on the far side from where you started. Big weapons are on the hill, everything else is in the pit surrounding it... and to make matters a bit more complicated, 3x canisters can be found in sort of hidden corners (we found ourselves shooting at them just out of principle... you never knew when someone would be in there). Adds up to serious carnage, with anything more than 2 players.

Exercise in Perversity

A small, dark, seriously 5D map. I'm not kidding... the whole thing is repeated several times. Don't play this unless you're good at spinning around... folks will come from behind pillars on a regular basis. Carnage rates will be horrendously high, even with the invincibilities... there are fusion pistols everywhere.

Disco Inferno v1.0.1

Aaron Sommer's take on the original Disco Inferno. Since it's not an upgrade by the original author, I'm leaving both versions up... This one's worth a look, though. The teleporter hall made me sick. Not a new map, just new to this page.


A nice 5-D take on Bungie's pillar net level. Much, much bigger than the original (or at least it seems that way, with the added dimension...).

Happy Happy Carnage Carnage

A simple arena for up to four players. Each player gets his own weapon, and ammo is down in the pit... The only way to change weapons is to die. (If this one gets converted to M2, it should have a totally different feel to it...) Not a new map, just new to this page.