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Down Town

An early effort, basically a Kill Bob solo level. Appears to be no solution but to kill the "little guy", yep, those little ones again.

Log Ride in the Mountains

Mr. Trebes submits a great number of Maps where the primary objective is merely to stay alive. We believe Nathan has something great just waiting to pop out. Perhaps making Maps on one's lunch hour is not the most efficient way to go, however, we appreciate the Map Maker's efforts and give him an A+ in that regard. Stay alive and go with the flow, which is considerable!

Pfhor Victory

Sinking Ship. Find Data Chip. Capture Key Card. Transport off Starboard Rail, right! Or is that Left? Aft? Overboard? glub gasp glub PS Good Read Me, pay attention!

Ship O Death

Geoff's Map Making abilities are taking form and this submission is the first one he's tried on. Read me states he is still working on it. We encourage newbies to keep on keeping on.

Shoot 'em if you got 'em

Another one of Mr. Pembroke's (see title) carnage maps. Thoughtfully provides a Pattern Buffer but also ammo up the wazoo! And chips to find. Set on Total Carnage pleeze!


An example of how to make a star gate effect (from the movie "Stargate") using standard Infinity shapes and physics.


A first attempt scenario, still in progress we believe. But hey, there's a sense of humor here, oh thank you thank you thank you! Tycho having trouble with the Spellcheck. A Pattern Buffer, a Fusion gun to die for, a Film to see (what to do) and a level (2 in all) called Bad Tina Birdie. One really neat trick. What more could you ask?

The Warzone Blues V1.0

What's my purpose in life? Why am I here? What should I do? Is anybody out there? Will I ever get a Launcher so I can reach that chip? Does anybody care? We're so Blue . . .

Third World Think Tank

Read Me states this is a work in progress, also mentions faves in various categories i.e., music; Hendrix, Stones, Pearl Jam, Beck etc., etc. Definitely a scenario in progress. Mr. Johnstone has the right idea and no doubt has big plans. Maybe when he finishes it will Rock!

Tide Beach

An idea for putting gentle wave action on a beach scene. This uses the standard shapes and physics. All you need is a sand and BOBette in a bikini patch and you are set.

Up Down & Around

Another little Kill 'em exercise by Mr. Pembroke. Play on total carnage & wave . . . no that's waves, of aliens will accommodate you. Nice map as usual.

Walcome Ta the Sock

Opening screen at term, photo of unknown doofus geek AI; gather ammo, check back for mission: 'Free the Lost Bob'. Transport into Error Land or Unable to Read Land. Crashidy boomidy splat

Weapons Range

Ya know . . . this was kinda fun. It's a test for various physics models; weapons at one end of a firing range, 'Monsters' at the other. Small barrier in the middle & 'Monsters' (assorted aliens) don't activate until fired upon. We may have misjudged when we leaped over the barrier to mix it up.

Whispers in the Night

One gigantic invisible Devlin here, kill it with your most deadly weapon then traverse corridor after corridor after . . . well, you get the idea. Looking for the data chip that contains info on experiments to turn Devlins into working drones (bleck). Of course the lights are out and 75% of the switches don't work so maybe it's a sequence thing. There is a Pattern Buffer but who needs it. The chip must be behind that airlock-type door off the Science Lab (no names from Map key) and here's to you Mr. Robinson if you can retrieve it. How much time do you have to spend in someone else's ...

860 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

A reproduction of the famous van der Rohe building in Chicago. Just one floor, actually... nice work, although the faithfulness to size makes fighting a bit tight. Comes in two flavors: the _s version is for playing (full of baddies) and the _p version is for looking around at the architecure (no baddies or ammo).

Barcelona Pavilion, 1928-29

A reproduction of a famous van der Rohe building in Spain. Outdoors... weapons are minimal, but the reproduction is pretty good. Comes in two flavors: the _s version is for playing (full of baddies) and the _p version is for looking around at the architecure (no baddies or ammo).

Lazer Maze

A tiny map with a playable maze. The object is to get to the chip without passing through any lit doorways... you have a couple of switches to turn them on and off. If you fail, you won't be able to get back where you started from... this was more of a test of mapmaking technique than anything else, but it's pretty cool to see what's doable.

Love that Curve Ball

A test (successful) of a technique to produce fireballs that fly around a room. They're pretty cool to look at, but don't get in their way...

The Adventures of Cyndee 1.0001

A 4-level solo scenario that's designed to be quite topical, for readers of the newsgroup. The levels are basically clear-everything-and-move-on stuff, there to provide a purpose for the terms, which poke fun at a regular of a.g.m. The AI (Cindy Crawford in bits) may show up in future, more serious scenarios. This update doesn't change anything except contact info for the author.

Armed Robbery

A straightforward Infinity scenario, NOT! The author has a few tricks up his sleeve. Pick up the chips & insert, wha? where? A 4 level scenario that will keep you backtracking & wondering where to go next. It may be difficult to get to the next level here, you know how Durandal is . . . Pattern Buffers are strategically placed as are weapons. A good effort by the author, let's hope heís busy creating more maps, using diverse textures and will continue to create Infinity projects. What were those two F'lickta up to by the way, hummmm, looked naughty.