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A 4 (or 1, depending on how you count) level solo map. Some interesting architecture... mostly interesting architecture, actually, since there's no plot, and little to kill. Fun to figure out, though... I didn't like the first (and 3rd and 4th) levels-too much like Colony Ship.

Let's Get Real

Another short, no-brainer solo level. Run around and kill everything installing uplink chips along the way. If there's a plot in those terminals, it was totally lost on me. Whatever.

Marathon 1 Arrival

Bungie's Arrival (the first level of M1), ported to Infinity and containing a shapes patch with the M1 textures. In the words of the creator, "to see how it was meant to be..." One caveat... don't touch the terminals. They'll freeze you hard.

Multi Perculoso

A small solo level with the simple mission of killing everything and teleporting out, but this one's a great test for your Vidmaster skills. Right from the start you're confronted with hunters and Exploda-BoBs armed only with your pistol, and the last room is a real killer due to some monster physics tweaks. Check out the included films to prove that it really is possible to complete on the higher difficulty levels.

Outer Limits v2.1

Construction looks interesting, gameplay is fine, for what I could see... unfortunately, there are too many one-shot doors. Twice I got to a place I couldn't continue because I'd opened a door and not immediately gone through. That's one time too many for me... Four levels, if you can get that far.

The Big P

A very short solo 'scenario'. To be quite honest, I really couldn't figure out the story line from either the terminals or the readme, but the idea seems be to run around and kill everything. It would be possible to run through the entire level in under 2 minutes if it wasn't for the modified physics that makes some hummers invisible and massively increases their vitality. 10 AR magazines at close range took care of them.

Welcome to Hell

A 5-level solo effort (four if you don't find the secret level). Straightforward in design, and a bit hokey when it comes to plot, but fun to play nonetheless. See if you can find the secret level without resorting to Forge...

Power Plant

A pretty simplistic little map... should take you all of 5 minutes.


A practice level, more than anything... jugs and drones, modified to die via a single magnum bullet, pop up periodically. Good thing they've been modified, because the only weapons available are, you guessed it, magnums. Treat it like a skeet shoot... where the pigeons shoot back.

This is Not Your War

A huge, two-bunker map. Each side has a team of locals. (Bobs, hunters, a jug.) PIck a side, go kill the other side. (With help, of course.) You'll get killed eventually, but it's pretty fun until you do. Can also be played net, but it gets a bit trickier to avoid getting killed by the locals...

Artificial Intelligence

Two rooms with different ways of killing bobs. It is pretty amusing to watch them waste themselves... amazing what you can make 'em do. Nice construction, as well.

Barney's House

A series of squares & rectangles connected by halls, water elevators; very dark effect. No terms, no Mission. May be a first effort by author, keep going! Play Marathon! Plus, we love the name Barney!

Blue Water Rapids

The rapids weren't very rapid here, in fact . . . With some major overhaul this could probably work as a Net Level game. We've seen Mr. Trebes later (must be later) work, pretty good stuff. We suspect he has a nephew named Danny also (Danny's Map). Look forward to a little rework, maybe a Mission, different edition of River Ride.i>

Can You Make It?

When you press Map key, name of the level is "Gauntlet". And it is, and it's fun! Very well laid out, even progresses. Try Total Carnage if you dare. Lots of ammo, even a Pattern Buffer for the faint of heart. Get it for a rainy day or would be good after an altercation with the paper boy!

Carnage is the Right Way

Carnage, so apt a name for this little exercise. Ammo up the wazoo, but you can expire! Another test of your skills, Marine!


Don't fall off the Catwalk! The amount of ammo on arrival tells you something. "Nathan's Contest". Kill all or don't finish, simple as that, but sure is a fun way to sharpen your kill skills. Total Carnage for the foolishly brave.

Coyotu Szenegua!!

The first & last thing you hear with this Map Maker's effort, "Hey, Let's Kill BOB!". If you like to Kill Bob, this is for you. No progression, no end, just Kill Bob! Sufficient ammo for the job, but like Bobs everywhere, they just keep coming & coming & coming!

Danny's ƒ Level

We suspect a Map Maker in the making here. A kill map with sufficient & sudden transport to keep you from getting bored. Bobs blow up nicely and nobody's too mean. Good Work by, we suspect, Danny.

Don't Get Killed

An early effort by Mr. Pembroke, better things to come. A carnage exercise, always a Pattern Buffer thoughtfully included. This reviewer couldn't get to an end as the last Terminal, when action key is struck, dings! Ding Ding Ding. Expect great things from this Map maker at some time in the future (is that a pun?)


Two levels, first one is 'Contact'. Twisty with switches to get you around. Terminal has no explicit mission, just come back here when finished, with a cc: aliens. Lava surrounding central area with walkways to various places; maze, crusher room, etc. We killed everything we thought & wore out action key but to no avail. Term text remained the same. Next step: cmd/cntrl 2. Called 'Just Survive' and it's great fun! What a bunch of sorehead aliens!