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Operation Wormwood -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Operation Wormwood v1.0.1. Converted by Craig Caroon.

The Alderian Connection -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of The Alderian Connection 1.1. Converted by Randall J. Currie.

Be Quick or Be Dead -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Be Quick or Be Dead. Converted by Craig Caroon.

Chai'etra Saga Part 1 -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Chai'etra Saga Part 1. Converted by Craig Caroon.

Chai'etra Saga Part 2 -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Chai'etra Saga Part 2. Converted by Craig Caroon.

Hostile Takeover -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Hostile Takeover final version. Converted by Craig Caroon.

Mare Ceti -SDL- 1.1

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Mare Ceti v1.1. Converted by Craig Caroon.

Missed Island -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Missed Island. Converted by Craig Caroon.

Montsegur -SDL-

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Montsegur. Converted by Craig Caroon.

Space Invaders

The old arcade Space Invaderrs, brought to Marathon. Plays pretty well... though it's too short. (Only 4 waves, of four invaders each.) Take a look! (The Erodrome Beta contained a different implementation of this game... but this is a lot easier to download.)

Get Some

Wow. This one isn't new... again, it's a 1997 Conahan production that never made it into the archives... but wow. It's a training package... bobs are replaced with (damn good) pistol shooting marines, troopers are replaced with shotgun-toting marines, and cyborgs are replaced with missile-shooting marines.

While I Was Waiting v1.1

A single-level solo map for the Tempus Irae textureset. This was built because the author wanted to play with the set, and he's done a nice job of showing off the beauty of those textures. There's no plot... you simply have to get to the end. There are a few minor problems (mostly sticky polys), and gameplay has taken a backseat to eye candy... but all in all, a very playable level. Hard, but plenty of health canisters, and ammo. Structurally beautiful. Absolutely worth an adrenaline-packed chunk of your time.

Shrai Khal

A relatively difficult run-through-and-kill-everything level. Difficult because of the tight quarters and abundance of purple troopers... because it was built with Obed, it's unmerged, and on a mac shows errors in all the terms (for lack of term picts).

Bastard Child v1.0

Originally released with Hell Hole, this map is a simpler, faster version of that legendary practice level. Straight forward carnage... keep killing till you're dead.


A very impressive 2-level solo map. This one won first place in the EMR Map Contest, in January 2000. Puzzles are about as difficult as you can make them without going overboard... the little touches are brilliant. Non-player characters, cool natural architecture, a sense of humor... continuity between levels... this is a great map. If it gets too difficult, a walkthrough is available.

Don't Crush That Dwarf!

Star Trek meets Excalibur. Definitely an adrenaline rush, but the layout is such that you'll find yourself running back to the recharger far too often... which breaks up the flow. A great level for learning to dodge.

Dream State

A two-level map (well, one plus a welcome level) adapted from a released Pfh'Joueur level. Sound use is great, and gameplay is fun... but architecture causes some 'run-through-here-again-and-again' areas, and the storyline is almost non-existent. A fun map, but with a few flaws.

I Sit On Acid

A single-level solo map in which your main goal is to get out alive. Watch the traps.