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EMR Vid Films v1.0

This package contains vid films for 32 of the 37 solo levels of the Marathon scenario Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge. The films were done in September and October of 2002. Regretfully, I was not able to vid all 37 of the levels. The remaining five levels are too tough for me at this time. Hopefully, someone else will have better luck with those levels. The package contains a detailed Read Me.

Dr. John Sumner


A very impressive 2-level solo map. This one won first place in the EMR Map Contest, in January 2000. Puzzles are about as difficult as you can make them without going overboard... the little touches are brilliant. Non-player characters, cool natural architecture, a sense of humor... continuity between levels... this is a great map. If it gets too difficult, a walkthrough is available.

Don't Crush That Dwarf!

Star Trek meets Excalibur. Definitely an adrenaline rush, but the layout is such that you'll find yourself running back to the recharger far too often... which breaks up the flow. A great level for learning to dodge.

Dream State

A two-level map (well, one plus a welcome level) adapted from a released Pfh'Joueur level. Sound use is great, and gameplay is fun... but architecture causes some 'run-through-here-again-and-again' areas, and the storyline is almost non-existent. A fun map, but with a few flaws.

EMR Anvil

Resedit file containing the resources needed to edit Shapes files from the Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge scenario.

EMR Forge

An updater that will update your Forge application to work with maps made for Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge. Not only does it make editing maps much easier, it saves maps with the EMR creator code.


Bo Lindbergh's Fux!, modified to work more easily with Excalibur maps. Strings have all been changed to correspond to the EMR equivalents.

EMR Shapes Juggler 1.3

Charles Lechasseur's Shapes Juggler 1.3, modified to use names from Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge. Greatly simplifies Shapes editing for EMR maps.

EMR Sound Editor v1.0b4

Charles Lechasseur's Sound Editor (v1.0b4), modified to use names from Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge. Greatly simplifies Sound editing for EMR maps.

I Sit On Acid

A single-level solo map in which your main goal is to get out alive. Watch the traps.


A single-level solo scenario. (Designed as a 2-level project, the second level never got finished... but the map still won third place in the EMR mapmaking contest.) Lots of tricky areas, make sure you save when you can. Takes good advantage of the EMR textures and monsters... will keep your blood flowing!


An extremely engrossing single-level solo romp with an amazing attention to detail. Everything, from the cool physics tweaks, to one of the best ship incarnations to date, spells quality. Fantastic.


A very enjoyable 3-level map. Nice construction (although a map this polished could do with a bit more eye candy), good layout, interesting story (although it falls apart a bit at the end). A definite player. This map took Second Place in the EMR mapmaking contest.


An overhaul of one of the solo levels from Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge, reworked to be playable by itself. If you find yourself fighting without any weapons, you probably went the wrong way at the start. Look around, there's a lot here! Very enjoyable single-level map.

Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge v2.1.2

Without a doubt the most ambitious conversion project yet released for the Marathon Infinity engine. Almost 40 solo levels, 23 net levels, and Shapes, Sounds, and images almost devoid of Bungie original pieces.