Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge v2.1.2

Without a doubt the most ambitious conversion project yet released for the Marathon Infinity engine. Almost 40 solo levels, 23 net levels, and Shapes, Sounds, and images almost devoid of Bungie original pieces. A sweeping saga of honor and betrayal that will take you through battles with dinosaurs, medieval knights, and near-future software magnates. The solo section should keep you busy for longer than the original Infinity map did... and when you're through, you'll have 23 new net maps to play, loaded with all-new weapons, from your trusty crossbow right up through a high-tech missile launcher. A must-have part of any serious Marathoner's collection. Visit the EMR website for a list of other download locations.

NOTE: This version of EMR includes the application, so you no longer need to patch (or even own) the Marathon application.

Levels in map "Morgana Map":
Merlin Unplugged
Oh.... !?@?#@$##!!!
A River Runs Through It
Unstable Terrain
When It Rains, It Pours
Ceridwen's Dream
Unnatural Selection
Raptors Come Home
No Time For Coffee
Bend Sinister
Shores of Camelot
My Life For a Sword
Bread Crumbs
Over the River and Through the Woods
Siege Perilous
Betrayal and Retribution
I'll Be Lurking For You
Le Mort de Tous
Tower of Mauvair
Mr Wizard! Mr Wizard!
Creature's Knightmare
The Audience is Listening
I Don't Like Spiders & Snakes
Castle of Pain and Sorrows
For The Love Of Mother
Noah's Ark
Staying Up Late
Slime Raider II
Down Under
HQ Storm
Double Vision
The Keep
Anahl Nathraq…
El Fin
Da Bomb!!
Dinosaur Teeth
Lava Float Trip
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Fire Pit
Raptor Pit
Jurrasic Winter
Camelot 66
Food Fight!
Castle Island
Morgana's Arena
Merlin's Arena
Mauvair's Arena
Knight Feud
Jousting for Fun and Profit
Drop In Any Time!
Casa de Tortura
Roof Rats
City of Screaming Statues
Private Property

Pedestrian Walkway
The Trunk Full of Funk
Ice Palace
Mordred's Globetrotters
Take Me Out to the Ballpark