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Marathon 4: The C-Files Redux v2

The First of the Cyle Series, this loosely fit together bunch of levels is merely a "see-how-long-you-can-last" scenario.

The Yota Saga, Part 15 1.0

Installment 15 of an ongoing series. Christmas theme - grab it in time for the holidays!

2 Dreary Maps 1.1

2 maps, both based on the Unreal Tournament map 'Dreary Outpost'.

Athens Outpost for M1A1 1.1

A remake of one of the first solo maps (with terrminals) ever made for M1 - Jim Brewster's Athens Outpost

Chai'etra Infinitus 1.1

A replacement for the original SDL port of Chai'etra Infinitus, submitted because the original has invalid file path information in the archive.

Escape!! 2 1.0.1

A seven-level solo campaign, built as a sequel to the author's previous 'Escape!' map.

Extra Celestial 1.1

A remake of a classic M1 map created for the Marathon 1 to Aleph 1 project. True to the original. Great to see this map again!

Marathon-Machina 1.0

A seven-level solo campaign - nicely story-based, solid gameplay. A decent romp. (It's not spectacular - but it's quite playable.) This one should keep you busy for a bit!

The Voice 1.0

In the author's words, "this is a side trip in the Tempus Irae universe, and may be assumed to take place at any reasonable point during the original storyline."

The Yota Saga, Part 10 1.0

Installment 10 of an ongoing series. Two levels this time. Emphasis is on puzzles... you need to use your map, and your head.

USS Raider for M1A1 1.1

A remake of one of the first multilevel solo maps (with terrminals) ever made for M1 - Jim Brewster's USS Raider

No Stinking Type Pfhor Errors! for A1 Final

This innovative map was probably the very first 3rd-party level I ever ran on M2 (back in 1996/1997), and it's still a fave. Looks GREAT in Aleph One, too...with the proper M2 Shapes, via Raul Bonilla's "M2 Shapes Shuttle for A1", or with the standard Infinity Shapes. Either way is awesome!