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GNZU-7 Combat Chainsaw

A package with a shapes patch, a sounds patch, and a physics model to give you the chainsaw from Doom. Not having ever played Doom (yes, I admit it), I can't say how faithful the reproduction is, but it looks and works pretty well.

Mega Gun Marathon Patch

Patches your weapons to hold more ammo, fire nastier stuff, and in the case of the fusion pistol, give you a mean little creature to kill for you.

3 New/Old Monsters

A merged physics file demonstrates the 3 new ambient monsters found in infinity. Mothra, the Potatoanus and the Grendelbeast.

Dual Image Hologram

A shapes patch which puts two different images onto a single texture. The picture you see depends on the angle at which you see it. Not perfect (by a long shot), but clever, and (to my knowledge) never done before.


A few wall textures have been replaced by lego-looking stuff, and the bobs have been replaced (mostly) by stiff-legged little lego guys (but don't kill 'em, they still use the original bob death sprites). Eh.

Tina Shapes

Female replacements for the infinity Bobs. Quite efficient looking... what you'd expect, actually, from a colonist (as compared to, say, a half-naked amazon). Comes with a very large sounds patch.


Converts your HUD to look like what you might see as a Pfhor soldier. Classily done, as should be expected from HAS... right down to the fonts. Deleted inexplicably from these archives... but back now. (Weird.)

Evil: MOWMDN Bobs v1.0

This patch turnes thoes pistol carrying Bobs into MOW-MDN totin Bobs (you heard me, Bobs not Marines).

Evil: DOA Physics I v1.0

These are physics for marathon EVIL! Don't know what would happen if you tried it in Infinity, but I'm sure it would seriously screw up things.

Evil: HUD Patch v1.0

This patch replaces the original Bungie-esque ammo displays for both the Rail Gun and Mortar Launcher with more suitable versions. Gameplay has not been altered, the only difference is that the HUD ammo display is much improved for these weapons.

Tina Sounds

These patchers replace bob sounds with Tina sounds. One patcher does bob sounds for M2 and Minf, and another patcher does bob sounds for Minf vacuum bobs.

Evil: Sights Patch v1.0

The Marathon EVIL Sights Patch gives you sights (so you know where you are shooting) in Marathon EVIL. The sights pinpoint exactly (almost) where the bullet, missile, etc., will hit.

Amazons Deluxe

This patch now adds new Troopers and the MerDrones.....which have taken the place of, Drones! These patches IMO are really done well and now they sport a great shapes shuttle patch that is very stable. You will need the Amazons Deluxe Sounds sounds patch (680K).

Robo Cops / ED-209

A update and a add on to a previously posted file. This is the RoboCop's file that now includes the men from the agency. Again, Richard has done a very good job.

Audio Levels

A unique set of levels. Two maps that give you the titles that are associated with sounds. The best way to use this map is as a guide when using Forge. It will allow you to always know what sounds goes with their names. It took some time to put this together so make sure to Email the author and thank him for his help. These will work with Marathon 2, Marathon Infinity and Evil: Cursed.


You must try this patch!!!!!! A very, very good effort was put into this patch and I highly recommend it. These robots are the ED-209 Robots out of the Robo Cop movie.

Hand Grenades

A pretty good shapes patch for weapons. This patch will give both of your fists a grenade in each hand. The only sequences that looked a little strange was the grenades in the hands sequence. These grenades bounce just like the cyborg mines and if you are too close, watch out.

Bob Tiles

It's hard to tell from my screenshot, but this texture patch gives you textures that are psuedo 1960's. At least that is how they looked to me. The best set of textures in the bunch seemed to be the pfhor group. Alot of Peter Max looking swirls and neons combine to give you a completely different world of Marathon. Worth the download if for no other reason than to just check out another authors perspective.

Big Headed Bobs

A shapes patch that will turn your bobs into the author. Or, at least that who I think it is supposed to be. For the most part the sequences are pretty clean.