Created by Jeff Swartz

Evil-Agorapfhorbia v1.0

A large, sprawling netmap with wide open spaces, an easy-to-reach-hill, and lots of nooks and crannies to hide in.

Evil-Future Ghosts v1.1

This map is all over the map! Big! Small! Corridors, ledges, elevators, lava reservoir, dark, light! Aliens for solo. Supports 4+, all modes of play. KOTH is kinda cool though.

Evil-Infernal Damnation

One of Jeff's earlier maps. This one is a very open level that has tons of room for all out carnage. Lava textures with some baddies added for solo practice.

Evil-Isla de Encanta v1.1

BIG map. Supports any type play (Read Me) with KOTH clearly defined. Large area contains water medium, open perimeter passageways in a fairly square arena setting.

Evil-3 of 1

Quite nice... 5 levels, sorta. The first is simply an intro, to get everyone on the same wavelength. The next 3 are a netloop... each is small, complex, with fantastic flow.