Big Headed Bobs

A shapes patch that will turn your bobs into the author. Or, at least that who I think it is supposed to be. For the most part the sequences are pretty clean. But, for some reason the death sprites revert back to the regular bobs. This only happens when the bobs are in the process of being torn apart by a marine. When the bob is dead laying on the ground there are a few sprites that revert back again to the big head. Big Head-it looks a little out of proportion with the oversized head on the bob running around, but the title itself tells you what to expect here.

Other than a few of the death sequences, a pretty clean patch. Comes with a sound patch that fits the big head, if you know what I mean. Not a bad job and the first in what a lot of us expected would maybe be the norm with Anvil. (Marathoners placing their own face on jugs and bobs)