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R2700 MA Blaster

A pretty good shapes patch for the assault rifle. It looks to be the authors own rendition and seeing the other work he has done, this one falls right in line. Really, the only difference here between the patch and the assault rifle is the graphics.

Atmospheric Sounds

A very good sound patch for Marathon Infinity. Anvil 1.0.2 is needed and the replacements that this guy has made are, again, pretty good. Most of the sounds are drones and sustaines, but, I still enjoyed them.

2x Magnum Marines Patch

From the author of the Rocket Marines patch comes a pretty good patch that turns your regular bobs into Marines totin' two magnums. They can get pretty deadly if there are more than a couple of them.

Dash's Sound Patch

A very good sound patch that was made by the author to fit a dance type of net level. It also has some other techno sounds added to it.

Rocket Launcher Marine Patch 1.1

A good update of a very good bob patch. As you can probably tell this turns your regular bobs, not the fusion bobs, into a totin Marine with a SPNKR'. He's pretty deadly and with the new update you now get a marine in the violet mode.

Nomad S'pht

This is a ingeniously designed patch that replaces the S'pht with these drones that are called Nomads. They are taken from the Star Trek episoded bearing the same name.

Marathon M.A.D.D.S

Check this out, a really good madds patch....if you don't know the history behind these, either email the author or check out the infinity patch for madds

M.A.D.D. Patch v1.6

Remember the defense drones that flew around in Marathon 1? The ones that were on your side? Well here they are and ready for Infinity..slightly modified but a great job to say the least.

Mr. Happy

A new shapes patch that will turn your Marathon 1 jugger's into a new shape. Now the missiles fires right out of the eyes and when it dies it will drop, well, check it out an you'll find out.

Let's Have Some Fun!!

This is a patch that turns your bobs into Net Marines totin' some mighty strong firepower. If you have never been able to play in a net game with other players, then, try this out.

Texture Patches

These are brick, grass and some other slate type textures that have been made for the authors maps.

Spanker Bobs

I have had this patch for about a month now. It was sent to me and for some reason I never got it up. To the author I apologize. This is probably one of the cleanest jobs I have seen yet.

Power Ranger Defence Drones

As you can tell from the shot....this is a patch that you can really have some fun with. Although the patch really is not all the good until the Ranger is bothered, it is still not all that bad.

Amazon vs Robertas

From the authors web page... Roberta, the female bob, is now ARMED AND DANGEROUS!! Sometimes she fights with you and sometimes she fights against you. Amazon Fighters are now ported into Infinity.

Babs Deluxe!

Okay folks, here is another one...but I must say this has been done very, very well. This patch comes with a sound patch, shapes patch and a map. This patch will turn those innocent civilian bobs into BabS!

Female Cyborgs

There seems to be a run on female shape patches lately and now this one takes the cake. No harm intended here, this is really a fine job and the author has spent some time with even the colors.

Borzz Shapes 1.1

This is a shapes patch that will give you some new textures to work with. You will still have the Infinity textures plus some great outdoor ones to work with.

Shotgun Bobs 1.02

Well, if you read news group often than you know about the thread to accomplish this type of shapes patch. Brett Engle decided to get involved and the bob now totes a shotgun with some pretty good sequencing.

Roberta Patch

From the maker of the Amazons patch comes a new shapes file that turns your bobs into Robertas. They behave kind of strange at times-i.e. depending on your carnage setting and enviorment, but I do believe they look a little bit better than the Amazons.