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Baraka 3/3 Demo

A three-level demo of a 10-level solo scenario. (The first level has been altered a little from the original Baraka demo.) Also included are three net levels, as well as lots of peripheral info... a silly movie (you'll need a tool that can make it visible, like ResEdit), screen shots, sketches of work and info on the mapmaking process. Fun, but it seemed to go by pretty quickly...

You may want to look at the floppy-sized digestible chunks page.

Return of the Cyborg

A sequel to Foreign Legion 2.0. One level, with the ending leaving an opening for one more level. Very heavy on the puzzles... very nicely constructed. Enormous. Author expressed concern that the bar keeps being raised for quality, but he needn't worry just yet... This is another winner.

Wrath of Tycho 2.0

Tycho didn't die when his ship crashed... and now he's back, and he's pissed. He wants you dead. The levels here are not easy, but they tend to be tough not because of good planning, but because of overwhelming numbers of baddies, and lack of ammo. 6 or 7 blue hunters at a time, e.g. Update adds much better term text, a new level, and some tweaks.

The Dkkanichron

This is the sequel to The Wrath of the Sentinel. Huge vistas... a very workable storyline... some minor problems. (I got trapped in a poly near the end and had to restore from a saved game, there are a few spurious walls, that sort of thing. Nothing major, nothing that'll ruin the experience for you.) Quite a difficult start, but once you find that first save buffer, you're okay. Very enjoyable. Comes with its own obscenely graphics-rich web page.

Yellow Seas of Blood 1.1

Two levels. (More are planned.) The first level plays nicely, but the plot is a bit weak... Update beefs up the second level (a little), tweaks lighting and object placement, and improves the plot.

Krylark The Demo

First level of a 5-level scenario, Krylark the Fallen. Interesting plot, but the AI can't spell worth a damn. The level is almost too difficult to bother with... lots of tight corridors filled with purple compys and tanks (nowhere to dodge projectiles, or explosions). Nice construction, though... the transparent walls in front of lava might be overdone, but there are some nice tricks. Also comes with a copy of Carnage Island (looks like version 3, but I can't be sure).

Operation: Exaggeration

A tongue-in-cheek 11-level solo effort. Inspired greatly by Douglas Adams, this map is very funny for the first several levels, at which point it suddenly turns downright mean. I stopped laughing at about level 7... and it didn't get nice again until the very end. However, it's very playable (if a bit difficult). Comes with a really fun physics model (that wouldn't make sense in most maps, but works wonderfully here). The only real gripe is the lack of alignment for all comm terms/pattern buffers. Other than that, this scenario is a blast..

Gemini Station

A huge, rambling, fantastically engrossing level that makes up the first of six to eight parts in this scenario. (The Tony Smith model of serial level release might be catching on.) There are a few (minor) bugs, like telepost bugs, and places you shouldn't be able to get to, but on the whole, this is really, really well done. The storyline gets weird at times, but it's quite intricate, and self-consistent. There are even a couple of never-before-seen tricks here... check out the self-destruct timer! Worth every byte...

Bloody Dreams Level 1

The first level of an upcoming scenario. Very nice chapter art... an interesting take on the Marathon universe. As for gameplay: let me give you some advice. DON'T try to kill everything... just do your best to get to where you need to go, as quickly as possible. If you're lucky, you'll survive to see the final term. Some nice dead ends (these would bother me quite a bit if it were a longer level), and a couple of nice visual tricks.