Operation: Exaggeration

A tongue-in-cheek 11-level solo effort. Inspired greatly by Douglas Adams, this map is very funny for the first several levels, at which point it suddenly turns downright mean. I stopped laughing at about level 7... and it didn't get nice again until the very end. However, it's very playable (if a bit difficult). Comes with a really fun physics model (that wouldn't make sense in most maps, but works wonderfully here). The only real gripe is the lack of alignment for all comm terms/pattern buffers. Other than that, this scenario is a blast..

Levels in map "Operation Exaggeration":
The Lab
Rendar's Ship
Rendar's Folly, The Sequel
Ahnold Returns in: The Return of Ahnold
The Subliminator
False Pretenses
The End of the Madness
The Battle to top ALL Battles