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Marathon NJ

Another solo level in the continuing Marathon Earth series. A nifty shapes patch along with the innovative style that this author has now come to be known for makes this one a definite download.


An enormous 6-level total conversion. (Well, okay, not total... and that's its biggest weakness.) The mapmaking is pretty good, and the new creatures are quite cool ...

Dark Rose v2

A true cooperative map-pack... that is, this scenario cannot be played without at least two players. (You can't open the doors and switches without a second person).

Light Rail Test

Another of Lyndon Lorenz's very nice earthlike scenarios. This one's based on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail System, with extremely nice tracks...

The Incident at Quiliam

A 7 (or 3, if you only count the action levels) level scenario. Nice attention to detail, it'll keep you on your toes. There are always shots coming from somewhere...

Gates of Fenris Demo v1.2

A single level demo of the upcoming scenario, Gates of Fenris. Comes with a shapes patch, which doesn't seem to do much (except make the "slanted floors" hack look right).

Marathon East

Hack your way across Europe and North Africa, helped along (?) by The Commodore. Not for the weak-hearted... but beautiful, even if you're looking at it from a puddle of goo on the ground.


A pretty slick 3-level scenario based in a city... pay phones work just like they do in real life (which means not all that often). New monsters, lots of new textures, great gameplay... try it, you'll like it.

Metropolis 2

Three more levels of heavy carnage, based on the textureset used by the original Metropolis. Watch this guy!

D-Day V1.1

The D-Day scenario is the long awaited prequel to Bungie's early game, "Pathways Into Darkness", connecting that game with the universe of Marathon. In D-Day you will witness your own birth as the very first prototype Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg - the Marathon Marine incarnate. And yes... prepare to meet your maker! 12 solo levels, 1 net map.

Courier 11

This one's huge... A little rough around the edges, but very playable... worth a look!

The Burning of Eden

The Burning of Eden is a new 18 level scenario for the Marathon 1 engine . Along with 18 levels it has new shapes, a intricate plot line and much more.

An Al Called Wanda v.1.0.6

A twelve-level solo scenario with an intricate plotline, revolving around a rather disturbed AI named Wanda. Level design is quite good, although some of the puzzles seem to be repeated on subsequent levels.

Marathon Atlantis Gold

A new scenario for the Infinity engine. 6 solo levels and 3 net levels are included in this pak. You will encounter some strange things with this map...

Marathon Mars

This author continues to marvel all of us with just what is possible with basically a couple of textures. From the author of Marathon Earth comes a new saga in the continuing adventure-Marathon Mars.

Gemini Station 2.0

When this solo scenario first came out in 1996, I played through the levels. I was impressed with some of the puzzles but I felt claustrophobic. After getting through this new port with all the new levels, I have gained a appreciation for this project.

Shuttle 477

A very unique and different type of solo map. From the maker of the Bob heads shapes patch comes a, at times, very funny solo adventure. Five levels, each with a different theme as you go throughout your mission to stay clear and find Luke.


Six levels of a upcoming scenario that has proven to have a place in the Marathon community. At first, if you try to compare it to all of the other scenarios coming out right now, you will think this as ...

Rebel Base/Infinity

A three level solo map, (really two-the first is informational), that has been ported over to Infinity. Definitely Eric Hill style-short, sharp turns, visually stunning and some pretty vicious bad guys.

Megiddo Game

A update to a previous released scenario. Winner of the Bungie Mapmaking Contest, this is a brand new game. Almost makes you wonder where the ZPC folks got their ideas from?? Great game--get this one too!!!!!!!