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Whispers in the Night

One gigantic invisible Devlin here, kill it with your most deadly weapon then traverse corridor after corridor after . . . well, you get the idea. Looking for the data chip that contains info on experiments to turn Devlins into working drones (bleck). Of course the lights are out and 75% of the switches don't work so maybe it's a sequence thing. There is a Pattern Buffer but who needs it. The chip must be behind that airlock-type door off the Science Lab (no names from Map key) and here's to you Mr. Robinson if you can retrieve it. How much time do you have to spend in someone else's ...

Blender v1.2+

This is a terrific map for solo and Arena play, up to 4 players, maybe more as it's spacious. Devlins everywhere.

Evil-Brancore Fortress

This map cracked up this reviewer so bad we doubt if we can be coherent in our description. It does contain aliens, who remain fairly well hidden.

Evil-Everything must Go! v1.0

Simple arena play, author says 4+ players. Ledges here & there & everywhere, good sniper spots. No particular defensive area but lots of room to maneuver, extra wide halls on backside of arena.

Alhambra (evil) v1.1

A huge, wide-open, nicely-built killing area. Weapons and ammo come in clumps... so if you want a particular weapon, you also get lots of ammo for it. Also comes in Infinity and Tempus Irae flavors.

Castle (evil)

A large map based on (you guessed it) the design of a medieval castle. Weapons are in outer rooms, one weapon (and its ammo) to a room.

Flame Pits I (evil)

A large, open level with ledges leading to a central hill, all surrounded by lava moats. If you fall in, find an edge near the hill... you're not toast yet. Also available in an Infinity flavor.

Flame Pits III (evil)

Another variation on the Flame Pits theme. Also comes in an Infinity flavor.

Flame Pits IV (evil)

A central covered arena, with a surrounding lava moat and a second arena above. Judicious use of 5D space to supply a nice quantity of carnage space. Also available in an Infinity flavor.

Flame Pits V (evil)

The most complicated (and in some ways, the prettiest) of the Flame Pits levels. Very nice flow, once you get the hang of it... before that, it's easy to toast yourself running out a doorway on the outer ring. Also available in an Infinity flavor.

Flow from the Sky (evil)

A simple, square arena enclosed by a wall. Access to the wall is gained by climbing the water towers... but the towers can be enclosed in solid columns. Careful if you're going up, and someone's near the switch! Also available in an Infinity flavor.

Gant Center (evil)

Modeled after the Math/Science building at UConn. Multi-level, open map, rather dark overall, but with plenty of bright areas. Flow is good, elevators are nice and fast, ammo is plentiful. Also available in an Infinity flavor.

Orbis (evil)

An open arena, with a couple of satellite rooms. A good demo of the circular powers of Chisel.

The Altar (evil)

A big level, starting in a really dark room, with access to brighter areas. Some neat tricks, but the flooding one causes some nasty smearing... Also available in an Infinity flavor.

Twist (evil)

Circles inside of circles inside of circles inside of... Lots of staircases. A central (small) courtyard. Be sure to collect your weapons and ammo before going in...