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Evil Co-op TC Films v1.1

3 films, done co-op on TC. They are : Mr Bill Meets Mr Gumby, Parathymeter, and A View From The Edge.

Co-op TC Evil Films v1.0

A co-op film of Mr. Bill Meets Mr. Gumby of the Marathon : Evil scenario. Its on Total Carnage with 2 players.

Marathon Evil Vid Films v1.0

This package contains my vid films for 12 of the 16 Marathon Evil solo levels. Several of these were done last year, with the remaining done within the past month. I regret I have not been able to do all 16. Unfortunately, the remaining levels are beyond my ability at this time. Some of the levels in this package are among the hardest levels I have ever vid, especially the level "Parathymeter". A detailed Read Me is included in the package.