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Evil-Wild Things 13 Hops

As the title states, 13 levels that are visually pretty nice. I found some of these to be very fast. Object placement was very logical and some of the light sets were great.

Evil-Wild Things 26 Hops

No Bugs Mi'lady. These are a terrific & very handsome collection of maps designed mostly for EMFH play but have areas for KOTH, terrific sniper slots, lots of lava, especially in.

Feeding Time

Wow! An abandoned Devlin Breeding Station, cool! A series of walkways over nests, & watch out, they tend to drop out from under you! This is great for solo play & author says leave aliens on for net.

Jays Net House v2

Based on the author's house... really light on weapons and ammo, and with some nasty smearing once the place is flooded (weird liquid heights in neighboring polys).

Joker's Dice

Two tiny arenas, joined by a corridor. Pretty mapmaking... extremely high carnage rates with any more than 2.

King of the Fortress

I made this map a while ago to test my skills at map making and survival. In solo mode you can go into the middle of the map to fight mystics.

Multiplayer could be fun with King of the Hill by using the lava switch.

Have fun =)


Two levels, the first sort of a concept level. Very interesting architecture, but the switched doors get old after a while. If you're building sweeping spaces, download this map... you might get some very good ideas.

Way Cursed Hock'n & Pinch'n

Two large levels, with lots of tunnels. (did I say tunnels?) If you are the type of net player that likes to fire it out head on, then these levels are for you.