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Evil: MOWMDN Bobs v1.0

This patch turnes thoes pistol carrying Bobs into MOW-MDN totin Bobs (you heard me, Bobs not Marines).

Evil: DOA Physics I v1.0

These are physics for marathon EVIL! Don't know what would happen if you tried it in Infinity, but I'm sure it would seriously screw up things.

Evil: HUD Patch v1.0

This patch replaces the original Bungie-esque ammo displays for both the Rail Gun and Mortar Launcher with more suitable versions. Gameplay has not been altered, the only difference is that the HUD ammo display is much improved for these weapons.

Evil: Sights Patch v1.0

The Marathon EVIL Sights Patch gives you sights (so you know where you are shooting) in Marathon EVIL. The sights pinpoint exactly (almost) where the bullet, missile, etc., will hit.