EVIL Hi-Res Textures v1.0

Read this CAREFULLY! You must be able to technically handle using these files. I cannot babysit you.

These are hi-res textures for EVIL when you run it using Aleph One. They are just the textures that are specifically for EVIL, plus a couple of extra ones that I modified myself for general use. What you get in this package is the textures to replace the custom EVIL textures, and a few new Jjaro textures. I have left all the textures in their proper folders. I have included the modified scripts necessary for gameplay.

The simple thing for a large guy like you to do would be to do this: Duplicate the excellent "Hi-Res Texture Set" for Aleph One that is posted here on FileBall. You are using it, right? If not then why bother playing Marathon at all? Why would you play without hi-res textures unless you were on a machine from the Dark Ages of men? Next you will copy the EVIL stuff that I have uploaded into the proper folders, and these will replace some of the textures that are already there. Then you will put the whole thing into your EVIL Aleph One folder, along with the modified scripts.

I am sure all the people on this site are smart enough to figure all this out so I cannot write a big long read me. I made some of these textures myself, but most of them are just modifications of other textures. Most are 256x256 but some are 512x512.

If you do not like my work, I do not care. I made these for me, and they have made my EVIL fun a lot more fun. I think these textures are great and they make EVIL greater than it is already. Everything looks nice and clean. I still have some I need to do like the real strange transparent things but maybe someday other than this one.

I am especially proud of Jjaro Texture #17. It took me four hours to do that one because I ran out of vodka.



Copyright 1997 in whole or in part Bungie Software Productions Corporation and the EVIL Group.