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Evil Co-op TC Films v1.1

3 films, done co-op on TC. They are : Mr Bill Meets Mr Gumby, Parathymeter, and A View From The Edge.

Co-op TC Evil Films v1.0

A co-op film of Mr. Bill Meets Mr. Gumby of the Marathon : Evil scenario. Its on Total Carnage with 2 players.

Marathon Evil Vid Films v1.0

This package contains my vid films for 12 of the 16 Marathon Evil solo levels. Several of these were done last year, with the remaining done within the past month. I regret I have not been able to do all 16. Unfortunately, the remaining levels are beyond my ability at this time. Some of the levels in this package are among the hardest levels I have ever vid, especially the level "Parathymeter". A detailed Read Me is included in the package.

AMPG Carnage Fest 6

PLAYERS: Fm™, brymen, Pmac, Nukeboy

All these films need to be run from Evil. Some films require the non-standard Evil net maps to view.

These maps are:

The Coriolis Loop map pack by doubleaught

The original Marathon:Infinity Map file

Three new maps by Frigidman (Included)

(read the readme for more instructions)

Evil Films Pack 6

Submitted by: DuKK of #marathon

All use the standard official EVIL Netmaps.

Evil Films Pack 7

Submitted by: Anonymous

All use the standard official EVIL Netmaps.

These are mostly of the map ClanWar with 8 players doing two teams. Pretty good on showing how the map can be played effectivly... notice when the team members cooperate to flood a hill and lower another... really funny to see the other team fry in boiling lava :)

JS Vid's Evil

Some Marathon Evil films in the Vidmaster Tradition on We Be Ground Pounders and Hackers

Evil Films Pack 5

Submitted by: Grayphics

Maps Needed:

Infinity Map file, and also the Coriolis Loop Map file. A single other map is included.

These are films from the Grayphics Marathon Tourny (GMT)97. They are fast paced, and full of great stuff. They played a bit of games with EVIL, so I am posting the Evil only films for your viewing enjoyment.

Evil Films Pack 3

Submitted by: The Australian Marathon Players Group

Uses the standard Evil Netmaps.

Evil Films Pack 2

Submitted by: Leslie Shafer "The Griffen"

Uses the following maps and packs:

• Classic 60

• Ultimate NetHop

• Evil Official NetMaps

• Coriolis Loop

Evil Films Pack 1

Submitted by: Sam Miller "whipass"

All use the standard official EVIL Netmaps.