Created by Unknown

Flash Point

Read Me tells of secrets, a seasoned map maker with a half dozen maps out there. Asks for feedback via email, but hey, no address, no tickee! This is a beautiful map with KOTH play, wherein the Hill is actually a moving platform, tuff! Flick'ta in water canal. This is a large double layered square; perimeter area/walkway outside, and a medium size square with Hill, columns everything you'd want, inside. Comes with a Physics model: Full Throttle. Handsome, playable map.

Twin Dreams

A simple arena surrounded by (and intersected by) a cross-and-square built in simple 5D. Okay for small groups.

Pfhorgotten Pfhortress

A small arena with some surrounding corridors. Lots of secrets, but there's a film to show them to you. Flow isn't bad...

Bedknobs & Broomsticks

Very nice symmetrical level design-a sort of a helix design with some bulbs at the end. With aliens off, a fantastic small net level. With aliens on, a really nice training level... gets your shooting up to snuff around corners and in tight places.

Jamie's Mƒ Maps

When that old feeling comes over you and you've just got to get some Bobs and grind 'em into exploding particles of whatsis . . . this series of eleven maps will work. Included; Be My Yeti, Bob Cathedral, Bob This, Let's Get Bob, etc., etc. Up to eleven maps with physics included. All maps could work as Net Levels. Maybe Jamie will do that someday.

Kev's Map

Three levels with numero uno a vacuum level. Can't find air rechargers, shield rechargers & the Pattern Buffer, while it saves (only) essentially doesn't work. Triangular elevators are the constant in first two levels with hidden doors to same, but then what. Level three AI says we got you out & then transports to game screen. Not fond of this effort by . . . Kevin?