Created by Unknown

Paradise Theater 1.1

This is a one level solo map that is "not" you usual solo level. The author first sent this in around the first of July. At that time it was a large, very large net level. We went through the map and suggested that he convert it to a solo level. To sum up, it is now a solo map. It came in the second version with a shapes patch. But, after trying many times, I could never get the patch to work. Now in this version, it is just basically the level. This thing is so big, that it will take you some time to get through it. Some nice lighting effets, some good use of texture choices

ResCompare 2.6

After many emails....I have decided to post this gem of a utility. Many have taken the ResCompare route for their shape patches....So here it is. If you need some useful info concerning this program....get it here.

Bela Lugosi

From the very beginning you will get the impression of what the title of this map suggests. A very large room that has sub-rooms in the middle of it. The sub rooms are very tight and I mean tight! Teleporters take you from one room to the next but be careful, there is a ring of lava that surrounds the rooms. Large and wide corridors wrap the whole thing.

Classic Net Maps II

The same map pak as listed below, but, this is provided with Terminals. This is the Ultimate Hop Net Pak. You can hop levels with the terminals now. All 61 included.

Hammys Demise

A very large net level that is quite fast in spite of the sight of line areas. Some very tall and large arenas with maze like hallways that connect them. Some water pools and transporters come with this one. EMFH would be best, but this level is flat and very huge, so make sure you have 5 or more.

Remember the Marathon

A short one level solo map with some good construction. It is media heavy but some different texture choices...the author requests emails so please help the author in that area.. A LOT of baddies and some of them don't appear as hostile as they have been in the past.

Demise of the Enterprise

A solo level that is laid out with teleporters. Four different areas that you must explore and then when finished you teleport back to the original room to teleport to the next area. You are urged to help contain a virus on board the enterprise. A pretty fast one level solo adventure, nothing really detailed here but some good target practice with the BoBs.

Hello Kittys Fun Time Toy Box

A pretty fun novelty type net map. This one gives you the weapons but not the ammo. The ammo is given to you when the aliens die....A strange but different type of map. Give it a try...

Mara OS

About MaraOS. MaraOS, formerly called Marathon Runner, is an application that makes it easier to manage all the different Marathon accessory files (modules) you might have accumulated. The usual way to do this involves a lot of copying, moving, renaming, and forgetting. I wrote MaraOS to make this process somewhat simpler- it moves files to their proper place and renames them, freeing you to organize and name modules as you see fit. By keeping track of names and locations for you, MaraOS allows you to get on with the killing with the minimum of fuss. It does this by searching for modules w...

Gumby Patch v1.01

Turns BoBs into light blue (or light grey) Gumby dolls. Pretty high quality, and the death sprites are entertaining. Anvil v1.0.2 or higher is required for installation.