Created by Unknown

Gumby Patch v1.01

Turns BoBs into light blue (or light grey) Gumby dolls. Pretty high quality, and the death sprites are entertaining. Anvil v1.0.2 or higher is required for installation.

New Bob Deaths

Supposedly it makes the bobs die with more blood and stuff. More gore-but I couldn't tell the difference to be honest about it.

Sight Patch 1.1

Not related to the sight patch above, this patch provides simple but accurate sights for all weapons in Infinity. It requires Anvil v1.0.2.

Physics Converter 1.0

A small drag-n-drop program that provides a simple way to convert between M2 and Infinity physics models.

Marathon Cheater 5.0.2

Allows you to modify saved games to give yourself obscene amounts of health, ammo, oxygen... and it works on everything from Marathon 1 (all versions) through the M2 preview, the M2 demo, the M2 full release, the Infinity Demo, and the full version of Infinity.

Infinity MaraMacros v1.1

Similar to the M2 version, these are MacsBug macros for cheating in Infinity. Install them (instructions included), and you'll be able to boost shields, weapons/ammo, oxygen... you name it, all without modifying your Marathon app or needing a saved game. Update fixes a small bug that makes it impossible to change the info on the assault rifle.

The Infinity Game Wimp v1.4

Is a lot like the Marathon Cheater, but with a few differences. It's a bit more flexible (with more info) on stuff like Oxygen, Invincibility, etc (it'll give you approximate durations). It will add fist power-ups. (I don't know what this means... I didn't see any effects when I tried it). It will play your Marathon Music while it's working. (This can be cancelled.) It only works on the Infinity demo, M2 and the M2 Preview and Demo. $5 shareware. Update adds a very cool Full Map feature, and a bunch of 68K-only enhancements (save anywhere, start with extra health/oxygen, etc.)

Photoshop CLUT Converter

Converts Photoshop color tables to clut resources. Very handy for folks making 8-bit chapter screens...

Sex and Drugs

A big series of rooms connected by teleporters. Feels like a normal level (actually plays pretty well, although it's way too big for anything less than 6 people), until you check out the map view...

Durandal Object Placement Editor 1.20

Does for M2 what the OPE did for M1. Allows simple placement of objects (including baddies and bobs) on any level. Add nasties to Bungie's net levels, so you can play them solo! This version adds a much faster searching algorithm and the Marathon 2 default set.