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"Moonlight Serenade (neu, klein)"

Another edition, later one too. German terms hold you back, to a point. Whereas we couldn't manage level one, "Go For It", at all in the previous edition we almost made it here. Where is that second chip? Does have a room full of ammo you have to look for. Pattern Buffer for saves, but no cheating, darn. Level two, "This is just the Beginning" is a very nifty Net (we think, what else when a room has ten shield canister thingy's and ammo up the you know where). Term we can kind of read says friend is in trouble. This level is also full of aliens of assorted stripe. Level three, Net/aliens/Boomer in the hanger. Level four is back at level one. Maybe third time will be the charm edition of this scenario.


Kids! This is excellent! Would like to know the author because he's got a handle. Six levels, each one a very different venue but a basic mission involving Boomer & data chips with Tycho trying once again to entice you to his side and dissing Durandal. There are five levels with number five transporting you back to the game screen as though you were through, BUT, there's a sixth level where you can just fool around as apparently the author did. A very good scenario, will keep your interest all the way through. Prison level, Boomer level, vacuum level, this one has it all. Highly recommended!

Tim Installer

Unknown what this is as no description was given. Patchers your shapes... has no readme or description. USE AT OWN RISK.

Coyotu Szenegua!!

The first & last thing you hear with this Map Maker's effort, "Hey, Let's Kill BOB!". If you like to Kill Bob, this is for you. No progression, no end, just Kill Bob! Sufficient ammo for the job, but like Bobs everywhere, they just keep coming & coming & coming!

Flying Fists v1.0

This map is huge! Vast area with KOTH ledge decidedly Large & includes a transporter, can get ammo & leap back onto Hill, cool! Interior great stairway, dark & creepy; maze offshoot from main floor of arena, perimeter walkways, another vast square area for in-your-face carnage. Well, it's HUGE! Could accommodate 10 or more players. Walk-through is absolutely essential! A complex & very interesting layout, check it out!


Three map levels with No. 1, Dalbom's Street 4, a very complicated layout with basic Arena type play, central area full of nooks & crannies inside & outside that changes from water medium to clear & back. Aliens galore including those teeny guys of every stripe, making this a rapid run for solo play. Supports a multitude of players. Fast! Good! No. 2 is DINO Dungeon, very confined & rather than a Dungeon, appears to be a house, has furniture & a lovely yard full of Juggers. Aliens for solo play. May support four, but a tight arena-type area. Three is River of Pain.


Two fenced-in squares hovering high over the Lh'owon landscape. Each square contains a switch to activate your forcefield, other guy has same setup. You have a .44 period. Must be a hit switch turn & fire exercise.

Bigger Jumping

Level is called 'Bungie Jumping', but just jumping will do it . Circular map with small cubbyholes all up and down the outer walls of circle, contains the ammo as does floor. Probably 2 players would do it & then it's stand there & take it like a man! Should have an itchy trigger finger to play. Blam!

Get Up!

A Quad with multiple upright pillar-type thingys to hide behind and some really mean spirited Troopers; this should satisfy two players easily, probably three would be okay, four would be a crowd.