Created by Unknown

Walcome Ta the Sock

Opening screen at term, photo of unknown doofus geek AI; gather ammo, check back for mission: 'Free the Lost Bob'. Transport into Error Land or Unable to Read Land. Crashidy boomidy splat

Danny's ƒ Level

We suspect a Map Maker in the making here. A kill map with sufficient & sudden transport to keep you from getting bored. Bobs blow up nicely and nobody's too mean. Good Work by, we suspect, Danny.

Death By Accident v1.1

Pretty good layout here. Should have considered calling it 'Snipers R Us' because you will have a good time lobbing volleys through all the slots provided. A few Phfor for solo play, lava areas, teleporters. This is not a simple map by any means, tag would be terrific, fast & furious!

Carnage Into Darkness

No Read Me here but this map is really, really dark! Trying to stay alive while using map key and avoiding some Bobs who may or may not be helpful coupled with kicking a few Pfhor butts along the way to say nothing of your opponent . . . and then in the middle of it all there's this really pissed off Jugger! Beside a Pattern Buffer! Go figure. We liked it! A lot!


Arena-type setup with a circular reservoir in the middle & Big Blue standing on top pegging shots at you. Fast. Shooting at him may cause your weapon to backfire!

Carnage is the Right Way

Carnage, so apt a name for this little exercise. Ammo up the wazoo, but you can expire! Another test of your skills, Marine!